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Schools and Universities

Ginger Software empowers students of all ages and levels by improving every aspect of their English writing. Ginger contains the most accurate automatic grammar and spelling checker on the market, which features a unique context-sensitive technology that allows it to recognize and correct any type of grammar or spelling mistake. Ginger also contains a highly advanced, human-like Text–to-Speech feature, personalized reports for both students and teachers and individual learning courses. Ginger serves as a private tutor for English, assisting students of all levels.

Automatic Grammar and Spelling Checker

The Ginger grammar and spelling checker is revolutionary in its approach. Common spell checkers first check if words exist in the English dictionary, and, if they do, they are assumed to be correct and left untouched. For this reason, common spell checkers miss most contextual errors, and people can "fall on love", "reed books" and "play in the send." Only Ginger has the capability to look at an entire sentence and examine contextual connections, giving it the ability to trace and correct any type of error, whether it is related to context, grammar or spelling.

My idle holiday wood be on a geek island wear the see is clear blue and filed with colored fish.

MS Word:
My idle holiday wood be on a geek island wear the see is clear blue and filed with colored fish. - No suggested corrections!

My ideal holiday would be on a Greek island where the sea is clear blue and filled with colored fish.

With Ginger, students can create error free texts independently, allowing them to write and proofread with confidence, knowing that they will always be provided with the right corrections where they need them.


Another feature that can aid any student is Ginger's Text-to-Speech Reader. Text-to-Speech can read aloud any text, inside or outside of the Ginger Software window, with a realistic, male or female human voice. Reading speed can be adjusted by the user, and UK or US accents may be chosen. Students can listen to their own texts and assignments read aloud, proofread long documents and improve speaking capabilities and accent.

Ginger's Personalized Learning Courses

Ginger offers individual learning courses for each user. Ginger’s groundbreaking technology, which monitors each and every grammar and spelling error a student makes while writing, allows it to build lessons and quizzes that are unique to each user. Every student receives courses that are based on his or her own writings, sentences and errors. The learning courses progress and adjust themselves as the student improves his or her abilities serving as a constant companion for students that is never too easy or too difficult.

Here are examples for how Ginger Learning will aid your students:

Did Sara took you to school yesterday? → Did Sara take you to school yesterday?

Did you speaked to the director? → Did you speak to the director?

I did not called you yesterday. → I did not call you yesterday.

She did not came here yesterday. → She did not come here yesterday.

We talked about it for hours but didn't agreed. → We talked about it for hours but didn't agree.

Didn't you wanted to come? → Didn't you want to come?

Ginger identifies a common pattern of mistakes in the sentences above. Ginger Tutor will recommend ways to improve your usage of verbs in the past tense, including negations and questions. Ginger will show you all of the related sentences you wrote, with their corrections (as above), and provide you with a short English lesson explaining how to avoid repeating these mistakes in the future in your written and oral communication. You can then take a quiz to make sure you have completely understood the subject.

Personalized Student and Teacher Progress Reports

Ginger provides individual error and progress reports for both students and teachers. Each student can monitor his or her progress, examine erroneous sentences taken from their own writings compared to corrected ones and easily see which specific English usage subjects need improvement.

Teachers can receive personalized progress reports for each and every one of their students, as well as aggregated reports for groups of students, allowing them to understand the class level and offer individual assistance at the same time.

Who Can Benefit from Ginger?

Ginger is the ideal tool for improving all aspects of writing and speaking for any student. Ginger is also designed to recognize the specific learning needs of English Second Language (ESL) speakers and students with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia.

All Students

Ginger provides a complete solution for improving all aspects of written English, and is designed to assist students of all levels. Combining the contextual grammar and spelling checker, the Text-to-Speech feature, the personalized progress reports and the individual learning courses, Ginger will enhance and improve any level of written English, allowing students to write better texts and teachers to monitor their progress.

Students Who Speak English as a Second Language (ESL)

Most colleges and universities have a significant number of international and exchange students who speak English as a second language. For such students Ginger software is invaluable. Ginger’s correction feature can recognize even the most severe spelling and grammar errors and, as it is integrated with the learning feature, it also assists in avoiding repetition of mistakes. The Text-to-Speech feature allows ESL students to tackle long texts and improve accent and pronunciation, while personalized progress reports allow for self-evaluation by students and an opportunity for teachers to provide individual assistance. Ginger can help ESL students fulfill their full potential and keep up with native speakers.

Ginger recognizes and corrects mistakes in the following categories: spelling, split and merged words, misused words,verbs, prepositions, common word usage mistakes, pronouns and relative pronouns, determiners (wrong and missing), consecutive nouns, single-plural nouns, subject-verb agreement, comparative structures, adjectives and adverbs, missing prepositions, and word order.

Here is an example of how Ginger can recognize and correct common word usage errors, often made by ESL students, which are not recognized by traditional spell checkers:

Wrong Sentence: I don’t have some food.

Ginger: I don’t have any food.

Wrong Sentence: I leave in the grin house over their.

Ginger: I live in the green house over there.

Wrong Sentence: You must say him the truth.

Ginger: You must tell him the truth.

Students with Learning Difficulties

Standard spell checkers that come bundled with software like Microsoft Office are aimed at mainstream users, whose errors are mostly typographical or related to common misspellings. For those with dyslexia, the words they write may be so badly misspelled that what they intended to write is unrecognizable to the standard spell checker. Because it is context-sensitive, Ginger can recognize and correct even the most severe spelling errors.


Wrong Sentence: The marble statue hed a big hed.

Ginger: The marble statue had a big head.

Wrong Sentence: Fizix is a great sudgekt.

Ginger: Physics is a great subject.

Wrong Sentence: The djadje ruled agenst him.

Ginger: The judge ruled against him.

By using Ginger’s Text-to-Speech technology, students with learning difficulties can listen to their own errors as well as the corrections that are offered to them. This makes selecting the right correction possible for students with reading difficulties. Text-to-Speech also assists students with LD with proofreading, as it can read long texts to them.