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English Learners

English Learners

As a non-native English speaker, writing texts in English is one of your greatest challenges. The Ginger products are the perfect companion for anyone learning English as a Second Language and for those who want to educate themselves on their misused words and improve their English language or brush up on English vocabulary for the SAT or GRE tests.

Ginger enables English learners to write error-free texts

Ginger corrects grammatical errors, misused words, and even the most severe spelling mistakes. It has unprecedented accuracy because corrections are based on the context of the sentence. Compared to competitors’ tools, Ginger has the highest correction success rate.

Ginger is the only grammar & spell checker that won excellence awards and was found to be far superior to any other tool in external reviews.

The Ginger English spell and grammar checker uses a patent pending technology that corrects spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes as well as misused words based on the context of the whole sentence. This guarantees unmatched results compared to conventional English spell and grammar checkers on the market.

The Ginger Spell and Grammar Checker enables you to correct spelling and grammar mistakes along with misused words, all in a single click.

These features make the Ginger Spell and Grammar Checker an excellent tool for people who either prepare for TOEFL or who prepare for IELTS exams and of course for all students who need to prepare for SAT and GRE.

Ginger helps you learn from your mistakes

The Ginger English Tutor will accompany you with your English learning. Like a real English tutor Ginger helps learners of English to learn from their own mistakes. Based on repetitive mistakes and incorrect English usage of each individual English learner, the Ginger English tutor will automatically create a personalized English learning curriculum with engaging English lessons and English quizzes.

Ginger improves your spoken English

The Ginger Text to Speech component will read texts in emails, documents or and web pages in a high quality human voice. This feature will turn any English written text into an English learning podcast.

As an English learner Ginger enables you to listen to your favorite online newspaper or blog and thus train your English listening comprehension skills that are essential for passing the TOEIC test for example.

When you read texts in English, you can hear them being read aloud by a native English speaker. This improves your pronunciation in English, reduces foreign accent, and encourages you to concentrate and finish reading the text. You can select the voice of the speaker, the speed, and volume. The software also highlights the current word read aloud.