Get Ginger for Your Website

Ginger Proofreader for websites enables you to integrate Ginger's contextual grammar and
spell checker into your site, which enriches your users' typing experience, helps them create
better texts, and will result in better traffic to your website. Just choose one of our tools below.

Ginger Everywhere

Integrate Ginger Everywhere seamlessly into your site. Your users will be able to correct
their grammar and spelling mistakes when they use a text box on your website.
Ginger will highlight the mistakes with a green seamless underline.

I wood lick to improv me english. When I tak and rite I do much mistaiks. I want to being able two write emails and chat with me frens witut doing embaracin mestks. I here that Ginger cans help. I going to trying it out.
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Ginger Box

Embed Ginger Box on your webpage. Your users will be able to type or paste their text into
the Ginger box, click on "Ginger it" and get their grammar and spelling corrections.

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