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Grammar Checker

Ginger's Mobile Keyboard improves your writing by correcting both grammatical and contextual mistakes.

Instantly improve your mobile messaging with Ginger’s free android app

As mobile adoption rates rise across the globe, the use of mobile messaging as a primary communication platform has increased exponentially; that, combined with the fact that many use English to write on mobile, makes the need for a high-quality app on Android that enables improved written English on mobile ever more critical.

Ginger’s free app for mobile devices is a grammar app and spelling app that also facilitates mobile English learning. This means that it not only fixes mistakes in your mobile text message, but it also lets you learn English while mobile!

Ginger increases your productivity by enabling you to write messages faster, with fewer mistakes, which better convey the meaning.

Ginger’s app for mobile texting deploys the English dictionary for mobile use.

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