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Ginger iPhone Keyboard

Word Prediction. Adaptive word prediction takes iOS autocorrect to the next level. Contextually detect and correct mistakes instantly with this great feature of our new iPhone keyboard app.

Access to Ginger Page. Transform your iPhone keyboard, or any other iOS 8 device keyboard, to Ginger’s keyboard to quickly access comprehensive writing tools that harness the power of Ginger’s writing software.

Free Themes. Access a wide selection of free themes. No other iOS 8 keyboard gives you options like Ginger’s keyboard does.

Customizable Themes. Customization options allow you to create an iOS keyboard that’s all your own. Personalized themes designed to suit your needs make communicating via text message or mobile email simple.

Share your Themes. Share our customized iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch keyboard themes with friends. Communicating can be easier for everyone.

To take advantage of these great features, Ginger Keyboard should be added to your iOS 8 enabled device. Supported devices include iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Ginger Page

Grammar Checker. This writing app features advanced proofreading that automatically corrects grammar and spelling mistakes. Take advantage of Ginger’s grammar and spell checker with this useful iOS app. An iPhone typo keyboard and the world’s #1 proofreader make contextual spelling mistakes a thing of the past.

Sentence Rephraser. Explore different ways to express the text you just wrote. Communicate better and with style for business or fun.

Translator. Use Ginger translation to unlock 40+ languages. Use your Apple keyboard to send thoughtful script – even to people who speak a different language.

Dictionary and Synonyms. Automatically access contextual synonyms and definitions. Increase your vocabulary, never be at a loss for words.

Text Reader. Utilize the reader feature to hear your text read back to you. Transforming your text to words has never been this simple.

Favorites. Our new iOS keyboard app offers many useful features via Ginger Page. Save text to favorites and add a personal dictionary that is synchronized across all of your iOS devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Phrase of the Day. Ginger’s Phrase of the Day feature shows you diverse ways of expressing yourself, making Ginger the best iPhone keyboard app available.

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