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Ginger’s mission is to remove language barriers between people by enabling everyone to communicate in native-level English.

Ginger’s products reduce the stress associated with writing by ensuring grammatically perfect, typo-free text bursting with expression and meaning - exactly what you need to help you get your intended message across!

Our products are based on advanced language enhancement technology that uses statistical algorithms in conjunction with Natural Language Processing (NLP) to improve and enhance written communications and continually develop users’ English speaking and writing skills.

The Ginger Magic

Ginger’s products use the accumulated knowledge of the internet to check your writing, enabling us to provide superior results and corrections that would go unnoticed by competing grammar and spell checkers. Unlike our competitors, who are only able to identify misspelled words but not misused words, Ginger analyzes the entire sentence to ensure that a word’s spelling is correct within the context that it is being used. Moreover, the precision of our corrections outperforms our competitors, meaning that we don’t just identify all of your mistakes but also provide alternative corrections which stay true to your original text.

The Ginger Commitment

Ginger delivers you peace of mind no matter where you write. Our unique, customer-centric approach means that we maintain a presence wherever you may need our solution. Whether you’re writing a status update on the internet, a Word document on your PC or an SMS on your Android device, Ginger is there to make sure that your text is clear, concise and error-free.

A Smarter, Adaptive Ginger

Ginger is more than your average language software - our smart products constantly analyze and adapt to your writing habits. Your particular slang and word usage are quickly understood and incorporated into your personalized Ginger products. Our proofreading engines undergo never-ending maintenance to stay at the cutting-edge of the latest language trends and word usages. Seamless integration between our platforms means that we know that it’s you no matter where you’re writing.

The more you use Ginger, the greater the value it provides.

Ginger Grammar Checker, our flagship product, is a contextually-aware spelling and grammar checker that corrects typos, grammar and spelling mistakes. Grammar Checker suggestions are made in accordance with the sentence context, enabling it to differentiate between phonetically identical words and provide results that are significantly superior to standard spell checkers.

Ginger Sentence Rephraser helps you explore alternative phrasings of what you may have wanted to write. Sentence Rephraser suggests different synonyms, idioms and adds vocabulary that lends your text more expression, depth and meaning.

Ginger Text Reader helps you improve your spoken English by letting you write text and then hear it read back to you with proper (US or UK) pronunciation.

Ginger Personal Trainer helps you to quickly and efficiently improve your English skills by building practice sessions that use your actual text as examples, to ensure that you never make the same mistake twice. Personal Trainer’s uniquely efficient approach to learning analyzes to discover what you need the most help with, and builds its lessons specifically to address those subjects.

By using all of Ginger’s tools, you can
benefit from writing enhanced English with
confidence regardless of how skilled you
are. That’s because Ginger understands all
your needs, and its tools are optimized to
work with the different applications and platforms that you’re already comfortable with –
from Microsoft Word to Outlook,
PowerPoint, mobile phones and more.

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