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If you are interested in improving your English, but have very little time or cannot afford it, Ginger can help you!

How can Ginger help you improve your English?

The Ginger grammar & spell checker will automatically correct all your English writing, just like a native English speaker would. The Ginger English Tutor will analyze all your writing mistakes, in any application you use, and identify which English topics you need to practice more. It will then show you the most recommended topics for further practice. Ginger will teach you how to improve the topics most relevant for you, based on your own mistakes. You will be presented with corrections to your sentences, and learn how to pronounce them. In addition, you will be presented with short multi-media lessons that will help you avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. The Ginger English Tutor will also provide you with a series of quizzes that will make sure you learned each topic thoroughly.

The unique advantages of Ginger English Learning:

Did Sara took you to school yesterday? → Did Sara take you to school yesterday?
Did you speaked to the director? → Did you speak to the director?
I did not called you yesterday. → I did not call you yesterday.
She did not came here yesterday. → She did not come here yesterday.
We talked about it for hours but didn't agreed. → We talked about it for hours but didn't agree.
Didn't you wanted to come? → Didn't you want to come?

Ginger identifies that there is a common pattern of mistakes in the sentences above. Ginger Tutor will recommend to improve your usage of verbs in the past tense – negations and questions. It will show you all the related sentences you wrote, with their corrections (as above), and will provide you with a short English lesson explaining how to avoid repeating these mistakes in the future, in your written or oral communication. You can then take a quiz to make sure you have completely understood the subject.

The Ginger English Tutor is the perfect companion for learners of English as a second language and for those who want to avoid misused words errors, brush up on their English language or improve their English vocabulary for the SAT or GRE tests. Ginger helps all learners of English to learn from their mistakes, just like a human English tutor would.

Personalized English lessons

The Ginger English Tutor recommends fun-filled English lessons, quizzes and games that match the mistakes' topics. In order to be able to learn from the mistakes made, the English lessons also contain examples of the learner's errors and their corrections.

Based on the repetitive spelling or grammar mistakes and misused words of each individual English learner, the Ginger English tutor will automatically create a personalized English learning program with engaging English lessons and quizzes.

Contextual Grammar & Spell Checker

Ginger's patent-pending technology corrects all types of grammatical mistakes including topics that are not addressed by any other grammar checker. The Ginger Spell Checker is a contextual spell checker which chooses the correction that best fits the meaning of the sentence. Combining the Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker allows you to correct entire sentences in a single click. Click here to learn more about the advantages of using an online grammar checker.

Text to Speech Review

The Ginger Text to Speech feature is the perfect English listening comprehension tool for training learners of English as a second language. It reads any text in a high quality human voice, turning written English into English learning podcasts.

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