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Personal Assistant Platform


An open platform for creating Personal Assistants

Ginger Software has developed the world’s first open platform for creating Personal Assistants. Leveraging Ginger’s proprietary Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding engines, our platform enables you to minimize the amount of manual work needed to build and maintain a Personal Assistant.

Additionally, the platform includes an Optimization Engine which continuously increases coverage and accuracy using statistical analysis of recorded user queries.

Proprietary Semantic
Speech Recognition Engine

  • 40% higher accuracy than other speech engines (in-domain)
  • Uses the application’s ontology to improve accuracy
  • Personalized to user’s data (optional)
  • Accent and noise robust
  • Device-side implementation available
  • Capable of quickly adding support for multiple languages

Statistical Query
Understanding Engine

  • Statistical linguistic interpretation of user queries without using
    manual templates
  • Scalable to any domain and application
  • Full syntactic & semantic analysis (not just n-grams)
  • Multi-language support leveraging statistical linguistic algorithms
    (not language-specific rules)

Open PA Platform for
Mobile Developers

  • The first open platform for Personal Assistants
  • Generate and optimize a PA with minimal manual work and without
    any previous NLP knowledge required
  • Automatic generation of intent and slot patterns based on the web
    (instead of manual rules or templates)
  • Automatic discovery of new intents and slots using the “infinite” web
  • Straightforwardly connect intents and slots to a mobile app’s API

Statistical Optimization Engine

  • Continuously increases precision and recall of the speech and query
    engines by statistically analyzing recorded user queries
  • Automatic discovery of previously unsupported user intents and
    slots appearing in recorded user queries
  • Obviates the need for manual, labor-intensive template generation
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