How do I activate my Premium package?

To activate your Premium account,  you need to register to Ginger using the email address you set up in the purchasing process.

To use Ginger in Office applications (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint):

  1. Double-click the Ginger tray icon (it’s the small ‘G’ icon in the bottom-right of the screen, next to the clock).
  2. If you’ve already registered to Ginger, press ‘Login’ in the window that opens and sign in using your existing credentials.
  3. If you’re not registered, press ‘Login’ in the windows that opens and then click ‘I don’t have an account”. Set up your credentials in the window that opens up and make sure you use the email you set up in the purchasing process.

To use Ginger in your web browser:

  1. Open your web browser, and click the Ginger logo next to the address bar
  2. If you’ve already registered to Ginger, press ‘Sign Up’ in the window that opens and sign in using your existing credentials.
  3. If you’re not registered, press ‘Sign Up’ in the windows that opens and then click ‘I don’t have an account”. Set up your credentials in the window that opens up and make sure you use the email you set up in the purchasing process.

Not a premium user yet? Go premium to enjoy unlimited access to Ginger!

How do I enable cookies in Chrome?

For Ginger to work properly, cookies need to be enabled on your browser.

How to enable cookies on your browser:

  1. First, please click the Chrome menu icon next to your URL navigation bar Chrome menu.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Show advanced settings.
  4. In the “Privacy” section, go to Content settings.
  5. Enable cookies:
    • To enable cookies, click on Allow local data to be set.
  6. Select Done to save.

How do I enable cookies in Firefox?

For Ginger to work properly, cookies need to be enabled on your browser.

How to enable cookies on your Mozilla browser:

  1. Select the menu button New Fx Menu and click Options.

  2. Go to the Privacy panel.
  3. Set Firefox will: to Use custom settings for history.Custom History Fx21 Win7
  4. Select Accept cookies from sites to enable Cookies.Cookies Win Fx22
    • If you are troubleshooting problems with cookies, make sure Accept third party cookies is also not set to Never.
  5. Set the length of time you want to allow cookies to be stored:
    • Keep until: they expire: Each cookie will be removed when it reaches its expiration date, which is set by the site that sent the cookie.
    • Keep until: I close Firefox: The cookies that are stored on your computer will be removed when Firefox is closed.
    • Keep until: ask me every time: Displays an alert every time a website tries to send a cookie, and asks you whether or not you want to store it.
  6. Click on OK to close the Options window.

How do I enable cookies in Internet Explorer?

For Ginger to work properly, cookies need to be enabled on your Explorer browser.

  1. Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, and then selecting Internet Explorer.
  2. Choose the Tools button, and then select Internet Options.
  3. Click the Privacy tab, and then, under Settings, move the slider to the bottom to allow all cookies, and then click OK.

Can I use Ginger on more than one computer?

Yes, there is no problem using Ginger on multiple work stations!

Simply download Ginger from our homepage to any PC/laptop/mobile device, then login to activate your account.

How do I uninstall Ginger?

In order to uninstall Ginger please follow these steps:

1) Open the Start Menu.

2) Click on ‘Control panel’ and choose ‘Add or Remove Programs’/ ‘Programs and Features’.

3) From the list of programs, select Ginger.

4) Choose ‘Uninstall’ and follow the instructions.

After the process is complete, Ginger will be deleted from your computer.


To remove Ginger’s Chrome extension, please follow these steps:

1) Open Chrome’s menu (on the top right part of the browser).

2) Go to ”Tools’ ->’Extensions’.

3) Find Ginger’s extension and remove it.

What should I do if my download freezes before it has finished installing?

In order to close the installation, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on Ctrl+Shift+Esc and choose Start Task Manager.
  2. Click on the Processes tab.
  3. Look for a process named “GingerSetup”.
  4. Choose this process and click “End process”.

Now, try downloading Ginger from the Ginger website.

Why isn’t Ginger working on Chrome?

Ginger’s Review mode (activated by clicking F2) is not functional on the Chrome browser. To use Ginger’s Live Mode on Chrome, please make sure that the Ginger Chrome extension is installed and enabled on your Chrome web browser and follow these instructions:

  1. Open a new tab in Chrome.
  2. On the top right side of the screen, click the small menu icon. This will open Chrome’s options menu.
  3. Click on Tools and then Extensions.
  4. You should see Ginger’s extension with the Ginger icon. Make sure the “Enabled” box is checked.

Now, you are ready to use Ginger! Simply start composing an email and Ginger will highlight each correction in blue.

Why do I get the message: “This application mode is currently unsupported”?

This message appears if you try to make corrections in an application that Ginger does not support. For example, Ginger does not correct texts in:
•  Word’s “Track Changes” mode
•  Outlook appointments
•  Outlook’s inbox view
•  Google docs

Why do I get the message: “Unable to install in default destination folder”?

This message appears if you do not have permission to write to the folder where Ginger is normally installed. You need to select another folder for Ginger’s installation. To receive more detailed instructions for resolving this issue, contact Ginger’s technical support.

Why do I see a shadow at the top of my screen that interferes with Ginger’s suggestions?

If you see a shadow over Ginger’s suggestions, Adobe Flash Player is probably interfering with the software. You should update your Adobe Flash Player in order to solve the issue, as Ginger requires a specific version of Adobe Flash ActiveX Player to function properly.

In order to make sure that you have the correct version, please download and install this version of Flash.

If this doesn’t work go here and choose the first version under Windows (Download the Windows Flash Player 11.3 ActiveX control content debugger (for IE).

After installation is complete, restart Ginger and you should be good to go.

Why am I still encountering Flash problems even though I have the latest version of Flash installed?

Ginger requires a very specific version of Adobe Flash ActiveX Player. Even if you have a Flash Player installed for your browser, you may need to additionally install this ActiveX component.
In order to make sure that you have this version, please download and install this version of Flash.

If you are still having problems, please go here and choose the first version under Windows. (Download the Windows Flash Player 11.3 ActiveX control content debugger for Internet Explorer.)

After Flash is installed, restart Ginger.

Why do I keep getting a “server is busy”/”no internet connection” message even though I am connected to the internet?

It is possible that the problem occurred because an application on your computer is blocking Ginger from using your internet connection.
There are several reasons why this might happen:

  1. Windows Firewall – You need to add Ginger to the approved programs list. If you still can’t work with Ginger, this means that something else is still blocking you (perhaps an external Firewall).
  2. Anti-spyware or anti-virus programs – Programs such as Norton antivirus, ZoneAlarm, McCafee, AVG or AdAware might block Ginger software. Please check whether you have one of these or similar programs and change its settings to approve Ginger.
  3. Using a proxy connection – Ginger supports most ways of configuring proxy connections. We do not support configuring a proxy as an automatic script.

My Firefox extension is disabled, how do I enable it?

In order to enable the Firefox add-on, please follow these instructions:

  1. Click Firefox’s main menu (usually on the top-left of the browser), and choose “Add-ons.”
  2. Click the Extensions tab.
  3. In the list, you should see a “Ginger” add-on, which is probably disabled.
  4. Choose Enable.
  5. Exit Firefox.
  6. Exit Ginger from the tray icon (right-click the Ginger tray icon and choose Exit).
  7. Restart Firefox and Ginger

Why do I get the message: “Unsupported Application Mode” when trying to correct an email in Microsoft Outlook 2003?

The source of this problem could be in your Outlook settings. Follow these steps to change to the preferred setting:

  1. Open the “Tools” Menu and select “Options”.”
  2. Choose the “Mail Format” tab.
  3. Under “Message Format” mark “Use Microsoft Office Word 2003 to edit email messages”.

After applying this change, you should be able to correct text in Outlook.

Why do I get the message: “Due to a problem in your Office installation, Word cannot respond to Ginger”?

This problem may occur if different versions of Office have been installed/uninstalled on your computer. (For example, if  Office 2007 was uninstalled after Office 2003 was installed on a Vista operating system.)

To solve this problem, reinstall Office. To receive more detailed instructions to resolve this issue, please contact Ginger technical support.

Getting Started

How do I download Ginger?

In order to download Ginger:

  1. Go to the Ginger website and click “Get it Now”.
  2. Click “run”.
  3. Follow the instructions to install Ginger.

How do I access the Ginger tutorial?

After installing Ginger, access our tutorial by:

  1. Opening the Windows Start menu.
  2. Clicking “All Programs”.
  3. Finding and selecting Ginger.
  4. Clicking “Ginger Tutorial”.


Why are you asking me to sign up?

By signing up, you are letting us know that you are the one who is currently writing and receiving Ginger’s corrections. We use that info to create a highly personalized experience everywhere you use Ginger (be it on your PC, mobile device or browser). We need to know that it’s you who is writing to activate advanced tools like Personal Dictionary and Personal Trainer – which let us learn your writing habits, style and slang.


If you’re concerned with privacy issues, please check out our License Agreement.

Does Ginger work offline?

No, Ginger needs the power of the world wide web. In order to correct your text, Ginger’s unique mechanism analyzes your writing and compares it to millions of similar sentences from the web.

Why does Ginger store cookies and other personal data?

Ginger stores information in order to help users improve their English, and we do it in a way that doesn’t compromise the privacy of our users.

We don’t store entire sentences, only the narrow context of specific mistakes to ensure that the overall content of a sentence or document remains in the realm of protected user info. This stored data is used in the Personal Trainer, so that users can learn from their own specific mistakes.

Does Ginger support languages other than English?

Currently Ginger only supports English, but stay tuned for further developments.

How do I move the Ginger Gadget?

The Ginger Gadget can be dragged horizontally across the top of your screen. To move it, just left click the icon and drag it to the desired position.



Is Ginger compatible with Windows?

Ginger works in Live Mode in Word and Outlook 2007 and 2010. This means that typos and other mistakes in your text are highlighted while you’re typing.

In Word and Outlook 2003 and 2013 Ginger works in Review Mode. This means that Ginger begins proofreading text after the hokey (F2)  is clicked.

Ginger can also be used in Live Mode as an extension for major browsers – Chrome, Explorer, Firefox and Safari. This means that when you write in applications such as Gmail your mistakes will be highlighted as you’re typing.

Learn how to enable extensions for your web browser.

What does Ginger need to operate on my computer?

  • Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 or higher), Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Flash
  • Internet connection

Please note:

  • Ginger’s Live Mode is not supported in any Office 2003/2013 applications
  • OpenOffice and LibreOffice are currently not supported

Is Ginger compatible with Mac?

Ginger Software supports Mac via Chrome, Safari and Firefox browser extensions.



How do I cancel my paid subscription to Ginger?

You can cancel your paid subscription by sending a request to

Please make sure that your request displays the email that you use to login to Ginger so that we know which account to cancel.

Is Ginger Grammar Checker really free?

Yes, Ginger’s Free version gives users access for free up to a certain weekly limit. Once the weekly limited is reached, Ginger still displays corrections for misspelled words but you have to manually enter the corrected word. On the following Monday the capacity is reloaded and you can enjoy Ginger’s corrections until the capacity has been used up again.

How does limited mode work?

Ginger will still highlight your errors – and show the correction bubbles. The limitation just means that your bubbles are disabled, and you have to manually enter corrected words until the following Monday.

How can I get unlimited access to Ginger?

Just click here to learn about our basic and premium packages which provide unlimited usage as well as lots of other great tools that will help you communicate better in English.

What will I get with Ginger’s paid version?

Ginger currently offers two different pay versions – basic and premium.

  • Basic provides unlimited usage of Ginger’s Grammar Checker tool.
  • Like the basic package, Premium offers unlimited usage of Ginger’s Grammar Checker tool. In addition, Premium also includes unlimited usage of Ginger’s Sentence Rephraser, Personal Trainer and Text Reader tools.

What payment methods can I use to buy Ginger?

What payment methods can I use to buy Ginger?

You can pay for Ginger via

  • Secure online credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • Wire transfer
  • PayPal
  • Phone call (with a live service representative)
  • Fax
  • Mail/Check/Money order
  • Skrill (moneybookers)
  • Local bank transfer

Why should I register to Ginger?

Registering lets us provide you with a number of advanced features that require identification by our system. For example, by registering you get access to:

Personal Dictionary, Personal Trainer, Ginger updates, and the latest news from Ginger.

Ginger Page

What is Ginger Page?

Ginger Page is a comprehensive English writing application that provides all the tools needed to compose high-quality English text everywhere one might write. This is accomplished by providing live rephrasing and proofreading capabilities and also offering quick access to important complementary writing tools like contextual synonyms, translations and definitions. Ginger provides added value through its contextually-aware capabilities and the fact that it adapts itself to its users, learning their writing style/habits and changing corrections and suggestions to accommodate.

How do I launch Ginger Page?

Ginger Page is a cross-platform app available for Windows, Chrome, Android and iOS. Ginger Page is accessed differently from each platform:

Ginger Page for Windows – Double click the Ginger Page shortcut on your desktop to launch. You can also launch Ginger Page for Windows from the Start Menu.

Ginger Page for Chrome — Open Ginger Page, by clicking the G icon on the top right corner of your browser (next to the address bar). You can also use your mouse to highlight a word or a sentence you wish to check, translate or rephrase. Right-click it, and click ‘Ginger It!’.

Ginger Page for Android — If you’ve enabled Ginger Keyboard, you’ll be able to access Ginger Page from within your keyboard itself by clicking the “G” hub at the top of the keyboard. If you haven’t enabled Ginger Keyboard, you can access Ginger Page by tapping the Ginger Page icon.

Ginger Page for iOS – You can access Ginger Page by tapping the Ginger Page icon.

Grammar Checker

What is Ginger Grammar Checker?

Ginger Grammar Checker is the internet’s leading language software for spelling and grammar checking. It reviews your text, identifying spelling and grammar mistakes and then offers corrections for typos and grammatically incorrect phrases.

Why is Ginger Grammar Checker better than other spell checkers?

Spell checkers, commonly found in word processing software and email applications, suggest corrections based on the common spelling of a specific word. This approach is problematic, as the correct spelling of a word is often dependent on the context e.g, (Let’s grab a bear)

The Ginger Grammar Checker approach is completely different from other spell checkers. Instead of looking at the word level, Grammar Checker examines the entire phrase. It recognizes words in context and provides the most appropriate correction for spelling and grammar mistakes according to the intended meaning of the sentence. Grammar Checker can also detect when a correctly spelled word is misused, and replaces it with a more appropriate word.

How does Ginger Grammar Checker work?

Grammar Checker’s software technology searches the web and analyzes the content of millions of web pages to create statistical linguistic patterns. These patterns are used to understand the probable meaning of a written sentence. When a user writes a sentence, Grammar Checker’s engine compares the sentence structure and meaning to billions of similar sentences from the web to find similar match, and suggests a correction based on the results.

What kind of mistakes does Grammar Checker correct?

  • Misspelled words
  • Contextually misused words: For example, a standard spell checker would not detect an error in the sentence “Were are you?” Grammar Checker recognizes that “were” should be “where.”
  • Split words: Grammar Checker recognizes and merges split words. For example, Grammar Checker identifies the error in the sentence “I went in side,” and corrects it to “I went inside.”
  • Incorrect grammar: Grammar Checker provides grammar corrections, including detection and correction of prepositions and other inflections.
  • Insertion of missing words: For example, Grammar Checker will recognize the missing word “are” in the sentence “What you doing?” and suggest inserting it.
  • Verb tense correction

How do I use Grammar Checker?

You can correct your text in two ways:

  1. Review Mode
    Place the cursor where you want Ginger Proofreader to start checking your text, and then press F2 or click the “G” in the Ginger Gadget at the top of the screen. Ginger Grammar Checker starts checking the text and prompts you when errors are detected
  2. Live Mode
    As you write text, Ginger highlights every word that requires correcting in light blue. Hovering above the highlighted word opens a bubble with suggested corrections for the incorrect word and for other incorrect words in the same sentence. Clicking on the bubble replaces the incorrect sentence with the corrected sentence that was displayed in the bubble.

Where can I use Ginger Grammar Checker?

Grammar Checker is available as a desktop application and as an add-on to Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook and PowerPoint), as well as in all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari) and as an application for Android mobile devices.

How do I specify which type of English (US/UK) Ginger uses?

You can set up Ginger to correct you according to either US or UK spelling. To choose the type of English you want Ginger to use, right-click the Ginger tray icon and choose from the two options “English – US” or “English – UK”. You can switch between the two at any time.

What if I want to approve only part of a sentence? What if I want to ignore one word?

If you hover over a misspelled word or phrase, a bubble appears with Ginger’s suggested correction. You can either accept the entire correction, or you can choose to ignore part or all of it. If you click the “x” to the right of the bubble, you can ignore the entire suggestion. If you mouse over a specific word, you can click the “x” over the word to ignore just that word.

How does Ginger Grammar Checker help me learn from my mistakes?

Ginger Grammar Checker helps you learn from your mistakes by simultaneously displaying your original text next to the suggested correction, allowing you to quickly see mistakes and their corrections next to each other. This visual presentation serves as a learning aid to help you avoid making the same mistake.

Sentence Rephraser

What is Sentence Rephraser?

Ginger Sentence Rephraser is a first of its kind text enhancing tool that offers more expressive, enhanced ways to write your text. In other words, Sentence Rephraser gives you the option of rewriting your text with style and flair.

Are there other tools on the internet that do what Sentence Rephraser does?

Ginger Sentence Rephraser is the only tool available that offers you improved alternatives to your original text.

How does Sentence Rephraser work?

Sentence Rephraser analyzes your  text sentence by sentence to find sentences which can be improved by adding synonyms, superlatives or other missing words. When alternative phrases are identified, Ginger displays the options so that you can find the phrasing that works best for you.

How do I use Sentence Rephraser?

There are two ways to use Sentence Rephraser:

  1. Ginger Gadget: When using writing applications like those in MS Office (Word, PowerPoint etc.) use Sentence Rephraser by opening the Ginger Gadget at the top of your screen. Click the feather icon and then, after Ginger automatically checks your text for spelling and grammar errors, Sentence Rephraser will review your entire text sentence by sentence.  When enhanced ways of writing your text are identified, Sentence Rephraser displays them inside the Gadget.
  2. Sentence Rephraser Widget – Available here, the Sentence Rephraser can be used to rephrase any text. Simply copy and paste your text into the available space and Sentence Rephraser reviews it sentence by sentence.  When enhanced ways of writing your text are identified, Sentence Rephraser displays them inside the Gadget.

Where can I use Sentence Rephraser?

Ginger Sentence Rephraser is available as a desktop application for Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint), as well as Internet Explorer and Firefox. Sentence Rephraser is also available as a feature within Ginger’s mobile keyboard for Android devices. Chrome browser users can download our Chrome app here.

How can I use Sentence Rephraser to improve my English language skills?

Sentence Rephraser suggests enhanced variations of your original text, letting you learn more contextually appropriate ways of expressing your message.

Text Reader

What is Ginger Text Reader?

Ginger Text Reader is a premium product that reads your text back to you in a human voice. It is truly lifelike, easy to use, and enables learners of English as a second language to practice proper pronunciation.
Ginger’s Text Reader allows you to listen to words, sentences or documents in an authentic UK or US accent. First, make sure your computer’s sound is working properly. Then, choose between two options:

  1. Listen to words/sentences
    Ginger allows you to listen to specific words, entire sentences, and their corrections directly from the Gizmo. To listen, highlight the sentence you’d like to hear and then click either the Rephraser or Grammar Checker icon that appears within the Gizmo. Click the speaker next to either the original text or the corrected text to hear the way it should sound. Alternatively, you can highlight the text and click F2 to automatically send it to the Gizmo.
  2. Listen to an entire text/document
    To listen to your whole text, click the “Speaker” icon in the Ginger Gadget. Ginger will read the text from the location of the cursor until the end of the text. To stop the reading, either click anywhere in the document or press click the  ”Stop” button in the Ginger Gadget.

How do I use Ginger Text Reader?

Text Reader is accessible through the Ginger Gadget. You can access via one of the two options described below.

  1. Highlight the sentence/phrase/word you’d like to hear, and click the Text Reader icon in the Ginger Gadget. To stop the Reader simply click your mouse anywhere on the screen.
  2. Text Reader can also be accessed following the use of Grammar Checker in Review Mode. Simply click the Text Reader icon to the left of the sentence to hear it read back to you.

Is Ginger Text Reader customizable?

Yes, you can choose to listen to your text in either US or UK-accented English. You can also select between male or female voice in both accents.  Additional customization options include voice speed and volume level.

How do I customize Text Reader?

Just click the settings icon on your Gadget to start customizing the Text Reader. On the right hand side of the settings window you’ll find all the Text Reader customization options.

  • Change the voice using the “Voice” drop-down list. Choose from four voices – male and female with US and UK accents.
  • Change the speed and volume of the speech by using the relevant drag-and-drop scales.
  • Test the current settings by clicking on “Try These Settings”.

Close the “Speeech Settings” window. The new settings are saved automatically.

Personal Trainer

What is Ginger Personal Trainer?

Ginger Personal Trainer is a learning program for premium users that improves their English by building customized English lessons tailored to each user. This lets users focus on the specific topics which require the most strengthening.

How does Personal Trainer work?

Personal Trainer collects data on the spelling and grammar mistakes that you make as you go about your day using Ginger to write, check and enhance your texts. The Personal Trainer uses this analysis to identify the specific linguistic topics which need strengthening and creates customized exercises to each specific user addressing these topics. The exercises alternate between using random text and using text that users used incorrectly (either grammatically, contextually or spelling) in the past, so that in essence users are learning from their own mistakes!
Premium users access their lessons via their personal Ginger webpage which is updated from all Ginger enabled-platforms (mobile, extensions, desktop).

What is my personal Ginger webpage? How do I access it?

On your personal homepage you can find your Ginger score, statistics about your progress, and practice exercises based on your own writing.
There are a few different ways to access your personal Ginger webpage:

  1. Right-click on Ginger’s tray icon (located at the bottom right corner of the screen, next to Windows clock) and choose ‘Learning’.
  2. Click on the whistle icon in Ginger’s Gadget (the button with the big G on it at the top your screen).
  3. Go to and login using your Premium account.

Browser Extensions

How do I disable Ginger for Chrome on a specific website like WordPress?

You can disable Ginger on WordPress, or on any other domain you want.

1) Open Ginger Page by clicking the Ginger icon next to the Chrome menu button.
2) In the Menu, choose ‘Settings’.
3) Under ‘Disable Ginger in these websites’, add the domain in which you wish Ginger to be disabled.

How do I set Ginger to UK/US English?

1) Open Ginger Page by clicking the Ginger icon next to the Chrome menu button.
2) In the Menu, choose ‘Settings’.
3) Under ‘Dialect’, choose ‘English – US’ or ‘English –UK’.

Is there a way to use Ginger in websites?

Yes, Ginger is available as an add-on/extension for the major web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

How do I use the Sentence Rephraser in Ginger Page for Chrome?

First, open Ginger Page and write the text you want to rephrase/copy your text into Ginger Page.
Then, press the Feather icon on the bottom of Ginger Page to view Ginger’s alternative suggestions.

How do I use the Quick Access feature?

Quick Access lets you quickly send text from your browser to Ginger Page.

To use Quick Access:
1. Highlighted the text you want to send to Ginger Page.
2. Right-click the highlighted text.
3. Click “Ginger it!” in the drop down menu.


How do I use Ginger in Chrome?

Once you’ve enabled the Ginger extension in your Chorme browser, Ginger automatically highlights errored text with errors as you are writing. Mouse over the highlighted words to see Ginger’s correction and click to accept it.

How do I download and enable the Ginger extension for Chrome?

You can download Ginger for Chrome at the Chrome web store.

Click the blue ‘+ FREE’ button on the top right-hand corner of the screen. A window will pop-up asking you for permission to add the Ginger Chrome extension. Click ‘Add’, and you’re done!

How do I download and enable the Ginger add-on for Firefox?

Ginger for Firefox is included when you download the Ginger Suite. You can also download the Ginger add-on from the Firefox store. Once you’ve downloaded the add-on you can enable it by opening a new Firefox browser (if FF is already open, close the browser and re-launch). Click the menu button and select ‘Add-ons’ to open the browser’s add-ons menu. On the left side of the window, click the ‘Extensions’ tab to view your browser extensions. Inside the Extensions tab, look for the two Ginger extensions and click ‘Enable’ on their right to enable Ginger for Firefox.

How do I download and enable the Ginger extension for Safari?

Ginger for Safari is included when you download the Ginger Suite. You can also download the Ginger extension from the Safari gallery. Once you’ve downloaded it, simply restart your browser and Ginger will be ready.

Mobile Keyboard

What is Ginger for Mobile?

Ginger for Mobile is a one-of-a-kind grammar and spelling checker, right in the palm of your hand.

Ginger is now available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

In Android –Ginger can be used both as a keyboard that integrates with any application (Facebook, Twitter, Email etc.), and as a Stand Alone app- in which you can write, edit and enhance your text, using Ginger’s set of writing tools.

In iOS devices Ginger can be used as a Stand Alone app, that includes all of Ginger’s awesome features –Ginger’s Rephraser, Synonyms, definitions, translation and of course- Ginger’s contextual grammar checker.

Soon, with the upcoming release of iOS8, a Ginger Keyboard will be available for iPhones and iPads as well.


Can I use the same Ginger account on both my computer and mobile device?

Yes, You can use the same Ginger account on all of your devices (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile).

Simply log in to Ginger using the same email address, in any device you like.

How do I add a language to Ginger’s Keyboard?

1)      Open Ginger’s Keyboard.

2)      Long tap the ’123′ button, in order to open Ginger’s Settings menu.

3)      Tap ‘Input Languages’ and choose the languages you wish to use.

In order to switch between languages, slide the space bar to either side.

Where can I download Ginger for my mobile device?

Ginger can be downloaded for free, in both Android and iOS devices.

For Android users – Please go to the Google Play store to download Ginger Page and Mobile Keyboard.

For iOS users – Please go to the App Store, to download Ginger Page.


How do I enable Ginger Mobile Keyboard on my Android mobile device?

1)      Download and install Ginger Page from the following link:

2)      Open the Ginger Page app and follow the instructions to sign up, enable the keyboard and personalize it.

3)      Watch the tutorial video that will pop up.

Is there a version of the keyboard that works offline?

Ginger Mobile Keyboard operates as a keyboard with or without an internet connection. However it does not offer corrections or rephrasing alternatives when there is no internet connection.

What is unique about this app?

Ginger Mobile Keyboard app is the only grammar and spell checker that works side by side with any mobile writing application (like Facebook or Gmail). This means that users can check and correct texts without having to leave the application being used.

Which devices does Ginger for Mobile support?

Ginger supports all Android devices, version 2.5 and higher, and all iOS devices.

Does Mobile Keyboard work with iPhone\iPad devices?

Yes, Ginger is available for iOS devices as a Stand Alone app.

Download Ginger for your iOS device, to enjoy all of Ginger’s writing tools – Ginger’s Rephraser, Synonyms, definitions, translation and of course- Ginger’s contextual grammar checker.

Soon, with the upcoming release of iOS8, a Ginger Keyboard will be available for iPhones and iPads as well.

Which languages does Mobile Keyboard support?

Ginger’s  corrects texts written in English, but you can define the following languages as the keyboard’s additional languages (accessible by swiping the space bar):

Afrikaans, العربية, Беларуская, Български, Català, Čeština, Dansk, Deutsch, Ελληνικά, English, English (Dvorak), English (United Kingdom), Esperanto, Español, Español (Latinoamérica), Español (Estados Unidos), Eesti, فارسی, Suomi, Français, Français (Canada), עברית, हिन्दी, Hrvatski, Magyar, Հայերէն, Bahasa Indonesia, Icelandic, Italiano, 日本語, ქართული, 한국어, Kirghiz, Lao, Lietuvių, Latviešu, Македонски, Mongolian, Burmese, Norsk bokmål, Nederlands, Polski, Português, Português (Portugal), Rumantsch, Română, Русский, Русский (Phonetic), Sinhala, Slovenčina, Slovenščina, Српски, Svenska, Kiswahili, ไทย, Tagalog, Türkçe, Українська, Tiếng Việt, IsiZulu