Nov 20th 2013

Is Ginger Text Reader customizable?

Yes, you can choose to listen to your text in either US or UK-accented English. You can also select between male or female voice in both accents.  Additional customization options include voice speed and volume level.

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Nov 19th 2013

How do I customize Text Reader?

Just click the settings icon on your Gadget to start customizing the Text Reader. On the right hand side of the settings window you’ll find all the Text Reader customization options.

  • Change the voice using the “Voice” drop-down list. Choose from four voices – male and female with US and UK accents.
  • Change the speed and volume of the speech by using the relevant drag-and-drop scales.
  • Test the current settings by clicking on “Try These Settings”.

Close the “Speeech Settings” window. The new settings are saved automatically.

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Nov 19th 2013

How do I use Ginger Text Reader?

Text Reader is accessible through the Ginger Gadget. You can access via one of the two options described below.

  1. Highlight the sentence/phrase/word you’d like to hear, and click the Text Reader icon in the Ginger Gadget. To stop the Reader simply click your mouse anywhere on the screen.
  2. Text Reader can also be accessed following the use of Grammar Checker in Review Mode. Simply click the Text Reader icon to the left of the sentence to hear it read back to you.
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Nov 19th 2013

What is Ginger Text Reader?

Ginger Text Reader is a premium product that reads your text back to you in a human voice. It is truly lifelike, easy to use, and enables learners of English as a second language to practice proper pronunciation.
Ginger’s Text Reader allows you to listen to words, sentences or documents in an authentic UK or US accent. First, make sure your computer’s sound is working properly. Then, choose between two options:

  1. Listen to words/sentences
    Ginger allows you to listen to specific words, entire sentences, and their corrections directly from the Gizmo. To listen, highlight the sentence you’d like to hear and then click either the Rephraser or Grammar Checker icon that appears within the Gizmo. Click the speaker next to either the original text or the corrected text to hear the way it should sound. Alternatively, you can highlight the text and click F2 to automatically send it to the Gizmo.
  2. Listen to an entire text/document
    To listen to your whole text, click the “Speaker” icon in the Ginger Gadget. Ginger will read the text from the location of the cursor until the end of the text. To stop the reading, either click anywhere in the document or press click the  ”Stop” button in the Ginger Gadget.
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