Aug 9th 2017

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Writing An Essay During The Summer Vacation

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Written by Malki Ehrlich on August 09, 2017

Summer vacation is usually a time of relaxation; a time to explore and enjoy happy moments with your friends, family, and loved ones. While a lot of people consider summer vacation a time of relaxation, it also might be a time to put on record all of the wonderful experiences and reflections you have accumulated during these liberated moments.

Nowadays, in schools, kids are often requested to write an essay about their summer vacation experiences which are usually submitted upon returning to school in the fall. Writing an essay during summer vacation is usually a great experience since it gives you ample time to work without the pressure of your regular academic duties; it allows you to carry out quality research and enough time to revise your essay to perfection.

Here are three winning tips on how to get the essay done in an enjoyable way:

Don’t procrastinate!
While writing an essay during summer vacation may be good, it may have an adverse effect on certain writers who are overwhelmed by the vacation mode syndrome. This syndrome sometimes affects productivity as well as causing the mind of the essayist to become overly relaxed. Ironically, due to the ample of time available, essay writers tend to lose focus, which usually has an adverse effect on the quality of their essays grammar and structure.

Try to give a first-hand experience:
Whether you are writing an essay concerning places you visited, or about how your family reunion party went, writing an essay during summer vacation makes it easy for you to share first-hand experiences as they are happening. For example, if you plan to write an essay about the Niagara Falls, it will be highly preferred to write it during your summer vacation because you can take a trip down to the site and gain personal experience which you can write about.

Don’t take a vacation from grammar:
It is of great importance to always make use of proper grammar when writing an essay even when you are in vacation mode. Even though, there might be the strong urge to relax and reduce your productivity levels, maintaining the use of proper grammar is of great importance, as it enhances accuracy and fosters reaching a more elevated readership.

Summer vacations may either impact essay writing activities positively or negatively. It is advisable that you make out concrete plans and a schedule of what you want to achieve during summer vacation and while also working towards the goals you have set. Study grammar related books and review essays online so that you can get an idea about what to write and how to structure your own essay. Remember, it’s Summer Vacation, not Grammar Vacation!

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