Oct 21st 2009

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Welcome to Ginger Software’s Blog

Brian S. Friedlander, Ph.D

It is really exciting to be able to blog for Ginger Software as they launch their latest product Ginger, a new and innovative spelling correction tool. I was honored when Ginger Software asked me to join their Scientific Advisory Board to provide them with my perspective in the field of assistive technology. For the past twenty five years I have been involved in the field of special education as a school psychologist and now as a full-time professor of education at the College of St. Elizabeth where I head up the Graduate Programs in Special Education and teach graduate courses in assistive technology. The longer I am in the field the more excited I have become with the potential that assistive technology can hold for students with learning disabilities. In my way of looking at it- assistive technology can help level the playing field for students with disabilities and provide them with various levels of supports to give them access to the core curriculum. More importantly, assistive technology can provide the student with the self-confidence knowing that they can do school tasks like everyone else. Assistive technology can provide the student with the sense of  an ” I can do” attitude which is essential in helping with students maintain their self-esteem and confidence. I am always so disheartened when I work with students for the first time who have struggled their entire academic career with reading and writing and have never been introduced to any assistive technology. To me, it is unacceptable that more educators are not made aware of the value of assistive technology and the role it can play in the student’s education. In part, it is this reason that I spend all of my time teaching my graduate students whom are all teachers about the value and the role of assistive technology in a student’s education.

In this blog I hope to explore with you various assistive technologies that can help a wide variety of learners reach their full potential. There have been a number of new developments in the field not only in software but hardware that makes assistive technology more accessible and more economical. Of course we will spend some time taking a look at Ginger Software which has broken new ground with their recent release of their product in helping dyslexic students in the area of writing. So I hope that you come back often and read the posts and become part of this exciting community of educators that are looking for new techniques and strategies to work with students with disabilities. Before I sign off on this post- please feel free to join me and my colleague Joan Green, MA, CCC for a free Webinar in which we talk about various writing supports that were featured in our most recent eBook, Technology Supports for Writing. In this webinar you will have the opportunity to see how assistive technology can help students in the writing process. Of course you will get to see first hand how Ginger Software is leading the way with their innovative software application to help support those students with grammar and spelling issues. So Click Here, Reserve your Webinar seat now or go to

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