Sep 15th 2011

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Toddlers understand English grammar too!

A new study, published in Cognitive Science journal, shows that even very young toddlers are able to understand English grammar. Most two year olds can already understand a good amount of words, and combine two or three words together, but cannot yet form full length sentences with English grammar. A new research suggests that even before toddlers are able to form full sentences, they can understand English grammar constructions and use those to understand complex conversations.

  • “Studies have suggested that children between the age of two and three start to build their understanding of English grammar gradually from watching and listening to people,” says Caroline Rowland of the University of Liverpool’s Child Language Study Center. “More recent research, however, has suggested that even at 21 months, infants are sensitive to the different meanings produced by particular grammatical construction, even if they cannot articulate words properly.”

    The researchers showed toddlers pictures of a rabbit and a duck and asked them to match the drawing to sentences with made-up verbs.

    “One picture was the rabbit acting on the duck, lifting the duck’s leg, for example, and the other was an image of the animals acting independently, such as swinging a leg,” says Rowland. “We then played sentences with made-up verbs — the rabbit is glorping the duck — over a loudspeaker and asked them to point to the correct picture. They picked out the correct image more often than we would expect them to by chance.”

    Although the research suggests that a child’s language doesn’t necessarily reflect their full knowledge of language and grammar, check out the perfect English grammar these adorable twins have!

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