Jun 26th 2012

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The Tuesday Talk

The above example perfectly illustrates how confusing (and humorous at the same time) the English language can be. There are words in the English language that could be a verb or a noun, depending on how you use it!

‘Toast’ is both a verb as well as a noun. ‘Toast’ as a verb usually applies to the act of heating bread in toaster oven. As a noun, it refers to the bread itself. This could create a lot of confusion in speech and writing!

This is just one example of the many tricky pot-holes that one would come across in his or her journey of English learning. Using Ginger Software would guide you along and help you to avoid falling into these potholes.

So download Ginger to avoid embarrassing mistakes and improve your English communication!

By the way, have we already mentioned that it is free?

The Ginger Team


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One Response to “The Tuesday Talk”

  1. Matheus on August 13th, 2012

    Thanks, Clarissa, for the great comment. I’ve chkceed out the Language Log link and enjoyed reading about their findings. I agree that what seem to be changes in language usage may not have a direct connection with ‘outsiders’ English. Is someone who speaks English as a second language an ‘outsider’ to English? English has been widespread around the world for quite a long time. I am sure there are many factors at work affecting how ‘correct’ it sounds to me. Exposure to the internet has certainly allowed me to read and hear many more Englishes than I did thirty years ago. Some of these expressions or collocations may have been around for a few hundred years, for example, but I had never heard it. I’ll see if I can check out a copy of ‘The Fight for English.’


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