Oct 3rd 2012

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Will phonetic spelling replace the current English spelling?

An article published in the New Zealand Herald suggested that the English language should try a new way of spelling…
Phonetic spelling!
This suggestion is based on the fact that some words have already been accepted to the The Oxford Dictionary such as tho (though) , thru (through) and luv (love).
In addition, recent studies of posts made to internet newsgroups show that more than 50 per cent of people misspelled minuscule, millennium and embarrassment. Quite common words such as definitely, preceding and separate were misspelled 20 per cent or more of the time.
Quoting the writer “it is much easier to use a phonetic writing system than a system which spelling and pronunciation are not clearly linked”, and he supports this notion with the face that languages related to English, but with more phonetic writing systems, are simpler and faster to learn. Moreover, Phonetic languages tend to lead to higher levels of adult literacy.
This is a very interesting proposition, which will no doubt help people to better express themselves. However, when writing on a computer there is always the possibility of using a grammar and spell checker software such as Ginger.
What should be emphasized is not the way words are spelled, but the importance of the correct way to write. Stressing out that this influences the way you are perceived should encourage people to use better grammar and spelling, and not just providing an easy way to write.
What do you guys think?

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One Response to “Will phonetic spelling replace the current English spelling?”

  1. Martine on October 9th, 2012

    Phonetic spell is very popular in SMS and chat.We have adopted this easy method because it is easy to type and save time. I don’t find any wrong in it. May be 10 years down the line Dictionary will include more phonetic spelling.


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