Jun 15th 2011

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School children produce better texts with Ginger

Great feedback all around at our visit to The Norman Howard School in Rochester, NY

A couple of weeks ago, Miki, our VP of US operations, visited one of the schools that use Ginger and saw the students and Ginger in action.

Students at The Norman Howard School have been using Ginger for a while now since the software’s early days when it was in beta and text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities were not available. Miki had a chance to observe classes where the children were working on writing assignments. She watched some of the students as they were using Ginger to edit their work:

“It was interesting to watch the different strategies the students used”, says Miki, “Some constantly used the TTS feature. They kept on listening to the complete texts and used it as a cue to review their work while other students listened to the individual sentences within the toolbar. Some students briefly looked at the corrected sentence and clicked ‘Accept’ while others checked every corrected word, clicked on it, reviewed the suggestions etc.”

Miki had some time to sit with students and teachers and demonstrate more techniques for using Ginger efficiently. For example, if the sentence contains many severe mistakes, it helps to re-Ginger it once some corrections are applied. For example, in the picture below, a student is using Ginger to correct the word ‘sekrits’ (an unusual misspelling of ‘secrets’):

'sekrits' corrected to 'secrets'

After applying the correction, when re-Gingering the sentence, a new error is found – ‘people’ (instead of ‘person’), a grammar error in this case. The final sentence contains no more mistakes:

'people' replaced with the correct singular form - 'person'

“It was very visible how Ginger can help these students” concludes Miki. The teachers at the school were extremely excited to meet with us and there were positive comments all around! They mentioned how Ginger enables the students to work independently and significantly helps them produce more texts of better quality. In particular, the teachers told Miki that they were very pleased about adding TTS capabilities to Ginger as it helps with both the writing as well as the proofreading processes.

“Ginger is a great tool to have in your pocket for any writing assignment”, summarized Edina Fitzpatrick, the Coordinator of the Instructional Technology at The Norman Howard School, “Ginger falls in the realm of tools the students can take with them at any age, to communicate on social networks, at collage, at work, and they will benefit from it in the long run”.

Ginger is used in many schools across the US, UK, Canada and Australia. If you would like to find out how Ginger can fit into your school or as a parent, if you want to know how your child can benefit from Ginger, please contact us and we will be happy to have a chat and explain everything.

We’d like to thank The Norman Howard School for giving us an insight into the children’s work with Ginger. It’s always a pleasure to meet our users face to face and to see the different ways they choose to use Ginger to correct their texts. And thank you Miki for reporting back!

Adios for now –

Sharon and the Ginger team

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