Aug 6th 2012

Avoid embarrassing mistakes – the Olympics version

An Australian newspaper had one really embarrassing mistake, calling the North “Naughty Korea” and the South “Nice Korea” in their medal count.

Though the Olympics provide many remembered moments, this one was not something we expected!

Hoping you all avoid these embarrassing mistakes =)

The Ginger Team


Aug 5th 2012

Has texting destroyed our kids’ grammar?

Kids today are writing text messages that sounds like a different language to us adults.
In order to save characters & time while texting, they shorten the words to a bunch of letters, numbers and icons, each of them represent a different word. This new way of communication starts to affect the way kids write in school, according to a new study conducted by Drew Cingel of Wake Forest University and  S. Shyam Sundar of Penn State University

According to this study, published in Techcrunch, the use of these texting shortcuts is altering the kids’ ability to identify and use correct grammar, and not for the best. The more texts 10-to-14-year-olds send, the worse their grammar performance. Moreover, these students begin to see their textual adaptations as normal. This creates a problem switching back to a more formal way of writing.

Although some would argue that this generation of texting kids are doomed, there is a contradictory research. Also published in Techcrunch, researchers Clare Wood and David Crystal found the cognitive muscle flexed while decoding text messages unwittingly help students think about the properties of language. In other words, texting abbreviations can improve both spelling and reading proficiency.

The research itself:

What do you think?

The Ginger Team




Aug 1st 2012

How to prevent spell, grammar & context mistakes

Don’t you just hate that moment when you realize you’ve just made a grammar, spelling or context mistake? If only we had a machine that prevents you from pressing the “send” button, especially in situations like these…

Probably that day is not far away, but until then you can always use Ginger Software, our unique and powerful software that corrects your writing mistakes based on the wisdom of crowds.

Ginger Grammar & Spell Checker collect the corrections of all those using Ginger and calculates what is the best correction of your sentence. It runs on a unique, patent-pending algorithm that allows it to understand the logic of a sentence, enables to correct writing errors with relatively higher accuracy compared to other spell checkers on the market.

So get Ginger now!

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Jul 30th 2012

Jul 29th 2012

Why context is so important

The runner mentioned is Rachidatou Seini Maikido, who competes in women’s 400m. she is from Niger (officially known as the Republic of Niger), the largest nation in West Africa, and declared independence on August 1960 . It should not be mixed with Nigeria, the neighboring country.

This screen shot gives us the perfect example why you should fully understand the context of things before commenting :)

We wish her and all other athletes competing in the Olympic games best of luck!

The Ginger Team


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