Jul 11th 2012

Jul 9th 2012

Manic Monday: what’s Chemistry got to do with it?

So what’s the connection between “Chemisty” and “periodically”?

The periodic table of  elements!

The periodic table is a list that shows the chemical elements arranged according to their properties (based on the periodic law):

As for the cat- that we can’t explain..

Have a nice day,

The Ginger team.

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Jul 8th 2012

Which frame defines you?


The word “Frame” has a few definitions, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

1. To construct by fitting and uniting the parts of the skeleton of (a structure)

2. Plan, shape, formulate- for example framed a new method of achieving their purpose.

3. To devise falsely (as a criminal charge) or contrive the evidence against (an innocent person) so that a verdict of guilty is assured. 

4. To fit or adjust especially for something or for an end

5. Obsolete : produce

6. To enclose in a frame.

So, which “frame” defines you the best?

Have a great week!

The Ginger team.

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Jul 4th 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Speaking correct English is important!

Today is the 4th of July-the United States of America’s independence day.

Hope you all celebrate and have fun!

The Ginger team

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Jul 2nd 2012

Manic Monday

So what is the difference between “Flesh out” and “Flush out” and idea?

To “flesh out” is to take the parts given and figure out how to put them together. as the Urban Dictionary explains, the term comes from the artworld, particualrly drawing. A lot of cartoonists and drawers will draw the person in a line-contour form, to help with proportions and more. Once the guidelines and proportions are done, you draw the actual body, or “flesh”, and face and the other details.

This should not be mixed with “Flush out” which is a whole different story. it means to force out of hiding , and although it’s something you might want to do with your idea, don’t use it in a sentence!

Wishing you all to flesh out successful idea this week!

The Ginger Team