May 5th 2015

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Cinco De Mayo 2

Hey guys,

Happy 5th of May to all our US and Mexican readers (or as it’s called in Puebla, Mexico: “El Día de la Batalla de Puebla”).

Cinco de Mayo is more than a day when people go out to the streets and celebrate with parades, mariachi music, traditional Mexican food and festivals.
Cinco de Mayo is also known as the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, and honors the victory of the Mexican militia over Napoleon III army in 1862.

Between the years 1821 till 1858 (since Mexico’s declaration of independence from Spain till the Mexican Civil War), Mexico’s national economy was in a struggle and accumulated heavy debts to several nations, including Spain, England and France, and they demanded their payment.

In 1861, Mexico’s president, Benito Juárez, declared that all foreign debt payments would be suspended for two years. In response, the European governments sent naval forces to Mexico to demand their payment. While Britain and Spain negotiated with Mexico and withdrew, France decided to use this opportunity to create an Empire in Mexico under Napoleon III, and invaded Mexico from Veracruz.

When the French army reached Puebla on May 5th, 1862, they encountered a small, poorly armed yet strong resistance of 4,500 militiamen, that stopped and defeated the French soldiers. The victory of Puebla was a glorious moment for the Mexican people and it helped to develop a needed sense of national unity.

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!!

Liron and the Ginger Team.

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Apr 28th 2015

“Don’t have time to text? A sticker is worth a thousand words”

FB post 504x504_stickersHey guys,

It seems that people are always in a hurry, and the phrase “in a New York minute” is more relevant today than ever.

If in the past, we had long, meaningful phone calls, nowadays we don’t even have the time to write a simple text message, and prefer using LOLspeak, emoji and Stickers.

Although the common stickers have been with us since the 1880’s, their popularity grew tremendously among children, in the early 1900’s, with the invention of ‘sticker paste’.
However, as people are moving away from traditional text messaging, stickers (i.e. Digital Stickers) are no longer just for young kids.

By using stickers, people can avoid conveying complex emotions and thoughts when sending a text message, chatting on Facebook messenger, texting on WhatsApp.
As we said, a sticker is worth a thousand words, and digital stickers are ‘the evolution of messaging’, as they enable people to carry out entire conversations using only stickers.

Check out Ginger’s latest version for Android here, which includes emoji, GIF, emoji art and of course STICKERS.

Liron and the Ginger Team.

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Apr 22nd 2015

It’s April 22nd, time to celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day

Hey guys,
Happy Earth Day to everyone!!!

Some of you probably know that April 22nd is marked as ‘Earth Day’, but how many of you know the history behind this glorious day?!

April 22nd marks the day, we the people of planet Earth, take a stand, and demonstrate our support for environmental protection. It is the brainchild of former US Senator, Gaylord Nelson, and inspired by the anti-war protest movements of the late 1960s.
Nelson realized that if he could infuse the energy of the anti-war movements with the emerging consciousness of the public regarding water and air pollution, it would force environmental protection onto the national political agenda.

The first Earth day took place in 1970, and began as a “national teach-in on the environment”. Thousands of colleges and universities organized protests against the deterioration of the environment, and more than 20 million Americans went out to the streets to peacefully demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment in massive coast-to-coast rallies.

By 1990, Earth Day went global, with 200 million people in over 140 nations participating. Today, there are more than 1 billion people involved in different Earth Day activities, making it the biggest civic event in the entire world.

If you wish to do more than just change your Facebook profile picture on Earth Day, you can contact the Earth Day Network (EDN), and get involved by making a difference!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Liron and the Ginger Team!

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Apr 16th 2015



Hey guys,

So, in case you have no idea what I wrote in the title above, here’s what it means: “In case you missed it, thank god it’s Friday, see you later and bring your own bottle. Laugh out loud”.

Well, no, I’m not actually inviting all of you to my house. This is actually a text I  received from a friend of mine last week, and it took me a couple of minutes to figure out what she was trying to say.

That’s why I wanted to tell you everything you need to know about LOLspeak.
LOLspeak is a specialized form of mobile texting and messaging communication. Their origin is of course from abbreviations, which have been used in the English language since the 15th century.

With the widespread use of textual communication through emails, texting, messaging and social media, the use of LOLspeak became increasingly popular due to the fact that most of these texting services limit the number of characters that can be used in each message/post/text/etc.

Furthermore, LOLspeak is much quicker to write; and in this fast paced world, we are always looking for new ways to save time.

Here are a few examples of the more popular uses of LOLspeak:

  • BRB – Be Right Back
  • OMG – Oh My God
  • YOLO – You Only Live Once
  • IDK – I Don’t Know
  • ROLF – Rolling On The Floor Laughing
  • AFK – Away From Keyboard
  • TBH – To Be Honest

But don’t forget, not all LOLspeak can be used in formal school or business writing, so you should check to make sure that you didn’t just send your boss an email using “WTF” :)

Liron and the Ginger Team

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Apr 5th 2015

It’s Easter time, let’s go egg hunting, put all our eggs in one basket and then eat them all


According to the Old testament, Easter (or Pascha) is the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead.
However, you won’t find any mentions of the holiday’s iconic symbols such as the Easter bunny and Eggs, in the Bible.

So what is the origin of these traditions and symbols?
It’s believed that the word Easter derives from Eostre (or Eastre), the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring.
Her earthly symbol was the rabbit (a symbol of fertility and new life on his own).

However, the Easter bunny didn’t arrive to America until the 1700s, when German immigrants brought their tradition of an egg-laying hare called “Osterhase”. Children made special nets for the hare to lay its colored eggs in, and then they would try and find the eggs.

Eventually the custom spread across the U.S., the nests were replaced by decorated baskets, and chocolates, candies and small gifts were added to the Easter custom of hunting after the colored eggs.

 Happy Easter everyone, and may your egg hunt be successful.

Liron and the Ginger Team.

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