Jun 16th 2013

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Origins of the Word “Father”

father day

Happy Fathers Day!

The first Fathers Day first was celebrated in 1910 in Spokane, Washington. Today, this day is celebrated all over the world, usually on the 3rd Sunday of June. We know about the origin of Fathers Day (it was created as a response to Mother’s Day just over 100 years ago) but what about the origin of the word “Father?”

The English word father can be traced to a the following languages:

From Middle English: fader
From Old English: fæder
From Proto-Germanic: fadēr

The word “father” also has connections to the following ancient languages:
Latin: Pater, Ancient Greek: πατήρ (patēr), and Sanskrit: पितृ (pitṛ).

What about the word “dad?”

The first known record of the word “dad” was around the year 1500. Scholars suggest that the origin of the word “dad” actually comes from the first noises that kids make. “Dad” or “Dada” also sounds similar in many different languages and consists of two similar sounding consonants.

In Welsh: Tad
Irish: Daid
Chechen: Da
Czech, Latin and Greek: Tata
Lithuanian: Tete
Sanskrit: Tatah
Turkmen: Däde

No matter how you greet your father on Fathers Day, Ginger wishes you both a good one!

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