Jan 21st 2013

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Monday Mistake: The Mysteries of English Spelling

It is no secret that English spelling and pronunciation are very difficult. In fact, it’s easy to misspell “truck” with a CH – “chruck”!

For instance, why is there a K in “knife” or “knight”? One reason is that many, many years ago in the Middle Ages, the K was actually pronounced in KN words… Did you k-now that?

Same with the word “gnat” (those pesky little bugs). What is there a G at the beginning? Why is not pronounced Guh-Nat? The answer also comes from the dusty days of medieval English when it WOULD have been spoken as Guh-Nat!

When it comes to this 5th grader’s spelling test, the strange ways that we spell words in English are not obvious, and the big question is which spelling is better – the 5th grader’s or conventional English?

It isn’t this kid’s fault that modern English is made up of medieval words and spelling rules borrowed heavily from other European languages. Yet these English words still continue to evolve today.

While English can be very difficult to understand at times, and even harder to spell, it is very important to always use correct grammar and spelling.

What do you think?

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One Response to “Monday Mistake: The Mysteries of English Spelling”

  1. lanhuong on January 23rd, 2013

    i had used some apps on mobile to improve my English but i think still have a lot of mistake when i spell the word


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