Jan 7th 2013

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Monday Mistake: Great Rats!


Great Rats!

Great RATS? No thanks! This week’s Monday Mistake.

There are many hilarious websites that display the countless contextual errors that we make when texting on our cell phones. These mistakes occur when we are on the run using our tiny touch screen devices in a casual SMS, email or Facebook chat.

What happens when you take away the E from RATES? You got it, you get RATS; “GREAT RATS” if you are staying at the Cadillac Motel! Not the best thing to have your potential customers see as they drive by your motel, is it?

Vowels are the building blocks of the English language. When vowels are missing from words, the context can completely change. Adding an E to HAT gives you the word HEAT or HATE; likewise, MAT can be MEAT or MATE depending on the where the E is added.

Another lesson we can learn from this incident is that we need to step back from our work to properly examine it. By taking the E out of RATES, they also took the E out of EXCELLENCE, making their motel look shabby and unprofessional!

The person who made this sign made a significant error. This sign literally illustrates the need to always spell check our writing!

Have a great week,

The Ginger Team

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