Jan 9th 2011

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Improve Your English

There are many ways in which teachers can help their students to improve English. English teachers will labor on creating detailed lesson plans for English language learning, assisting their students to improve English and English Grammar.  But language learning cannot be done only in the classroom and no matter how detailed and successful your lesson plans are, your English students will need to practice their English skills outside of the classroom for their language learning process to be complete.
In order to be able to assist students to improve English outside of the classroom, teachers can use various computerized language learning enhancement tools. As virtually all students use a computer on a daily basis, integrating the English learning process with computer usage can be a successful way to improve English. English grammar mistakes, for example, may be recognized and corrected by an automatic correction tool. The learner is able to view mistakes and their possible correction while she is engaged in her daily activities, such as writing an email to a close personal friend or submitting posts in a social network or a blog. That way the task of seeking to improve English becomes natural.
Language learning through the use of text to speech technology can also be very useful for students that seek to improve English. Learning how to speak clearly and with correct pronunciation is something that can be practiced again and again in the classroom. But no matter how much you will practice with your students, during their language learning classes, and how much you integrate speech practice into your lesson plans, it is not enough. Daily practice of speech and pronunciation is necessary to achieve great results with speaking and accent, in the same way that daily writing practice is essential for improving English Grammar. Text to Speech can aid your students with that essential daily practice, as they can listen to their own texts read by male, or female, realistic voices with British or American accents. Every time they write a letter or an email or want to submit a post on a social networking website, they can actually listen to what they wrote. They can practice by repeating the sentences that they hear and by playing and re-playing them until they achieve perfection with their pronunciation and accent. The trick is to encourage your students to improve English by practicing on a daily basis.

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