Jan 9th 2011

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How to Improve Your English

Learning how to improve English is a dream shared by many English language learners. There are so many things to practice and improve while learning English: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling, accent, the list just goes on and on. Many students will learn how to improve English by taking regular classes and using regular, traditional text books. Others will try to learn how to improve English by taking online courses that enhance grammar and vocabulary. We will examine another type of learning technique that will teach you how to improve English.
Let’s take a look at an automatic correction tool that can also teach you how to improve English. If we mark learning English through self improvement and enhancing grammar and vocabulary as our targets, we can try to define what we would like our automatic correction tool to include. In order to help us is our question of how to improve English; it must be able first of all to correct all our writing errors.
While you learn how to improve English you will have many grammar and spelling mistakes. Your software must be able to recognize all the grammar and spelling mistakes and suggest alternate, logical corrections. In order to teach you how to improve English effectively the corrections must also be context-sensitive. Corrections must be logical in the contextual sense or they may become useless. Comparing your sentence with a database that takes a look at English language sentences is then essential for your writing aid in order for it to be context-sensitive.
The next stage in our quest to answer the question how to improve English is to be able to learn from our mistakes. Your software must be able, not only to track mistakes, but also to monitor them. Such monitoring will enable it to produce reports and provide you with quizzes and tests. Learning English then becomes possible alongside the correction process and is integrated with your regular daily routine.
Text to Speech is another key feature that will help you in learning English. By listening to your own texts, as well as to other texts, pronounced correctly, you will be able to practice your own pronunciation and improve your accent. Text to speech will also help you in determining how to avoid repeating your mistakes in the future; as you are able to listen to the errors you have written and better understand what makes them erroneous.

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