Jun 12th 2013

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How to Write a Great Resume

How to write a great resume
The difference between a good resume and great resume can often be boiled down to two things: formatting and relevancy. Make your resume short and sweet. Choose quality over quantity when it comes to your skills, experiences and references and tailor each version of your resume to the specific company and industry that you are applying for.

Your resume should tell your potential employer who you are (contact info) and what you can do (skills) while providing examples of your qualifications, references and work experience. Triple check your contact information, did you spell your name correctly?

Does it fit your field?
Different industries often have different formats for resumes. Use Google to find resume templates formatted for your specific field. If you are applying to an energy company as an engineer you would not use the same resume format as a piano teacher!

Elaborate on the right skills and strengths
Outline all of your relevant strengths but make sure you are not wasting your space and the reader’s time by listing irrelevant skills and strengths. It may have been cool to have been a fraternity party DJ five years ago, but it will not increase your employability at the bank.

Limit to one page
Many employers admit to favoring resumes that are limited to one sheet. A one page resume shows that you can prioritize and know how to summarize your achievements in an easy to read format. When writing your resume be inspired by Twitter: keep it short and sweet. Today we are used to digesting short and relevant snippets of information and your resume should reflect this.

Proofread, Proofread, Proofread!
Nothing spells “unprofessionalism” like a spelling mistake on your resume! Once you finish writing your resume carefully proofread it section by section. To be 100% sure that is free of spelling and grammar mistakes, download Ginger’s free proofreader!

Use these tips to make your resume the best that it can be. What tips can you add?

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2 Responses to “How to Write a Great Resume”

  1. Ernie Coñado on June 13th, 2013

    Can you send me a sample of a good and great resume.

    Best regards,


    • Efratk on June 17th, 2013

      Hi Ernie! The best template for you depends on what field you are in. We suggest searching google for “[YOUR FIELD] resume template” and check out a few different examples. Good luck! We hope you get your dream job!


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