Sep 5th 2017

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How to Help With Homework


Written by Malki Ehrlich on September 5th, 2017

The issue of helping your kids or a classmate with their homework is a topic that has raised a lot of questions within educational institutions. With lots of parents of the opinion that helping children do assignment is not a problem, educators sometimes feel it is wrong because this kind of help could interfere with the children’s natural and essential learning process.

So, what is the purpose of homework assignments?
Homework is usually given to students at every level to test their comprehension of the material that has been taught in class. Helping students do assignments can be one way of understanding their level of performance in the classroom.

How to help younger students?
Introduction and careful monitoring of the homework routine should be a top priority among parents. Children whose assignments are mostly handled by their parents, tend to be overly dependent and non-responsive during classes.

The best way to help a child or student is to assist them with ideas while they are doing their assignments. Take, for example, a child in kindergarten or preschool who is learning about fruits and vegetables. As an adult, instead of giving them the answers, you can assist him/her with diagrams of the fruits and vegetables to aid his/her learning ability.

Another way to assist your kids without literally going out of your way to do the assignment for them is by creating a study plan for your younger ones. The study plan may be structured to have a specific time for reading or going over the study material, revision, and perhaps a practice quiz.

How to help a fellow classmate?
The key for a student helping a fellow student is to complement each other’s strengths. You can organize a study group to discuss in advance the next assignment with a couple of fellow classmates. By doing this, it can help you all study or prepare ahead of the class as well as practice several examples relating to that specific coursework.

You can strengthen your own comprehension of the material by assisting your classmates improve their understanding of the homework assignments by explaining certain concepts rather than doing it for them. Start by asking “Was there a particular part of the task you struggled with?” This tactic will also reduce the number of classmates who will come to you for simple answers if they know that your help entails that they work on this task by themselves!

No matter how you do it, helping each other is a great way to learn and enrich each other’s learning experience as long as the help is really that – just help – and not doing someone’s work for them. Statistics have shown that too much external assistance in solving a student’s homework is likely to bring down test scores because it diminishes the student’s ability to solve problems independently.

So while there may be no concrete answer to this long-standing debate, it is of great importance that we understand that helping with homework should be more of a guidance on how to rather than wholly handling the assignment.

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