Apr 26th 2011

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Do you do mistakes?

Looking at loads of corrections that went through Ginger, we found that people often confuse between do and make. But why is that? Well, they are both verbs, their meanings are similar but there are differences. To make things worse, translation of these words into English is rather tricky. Many languages use just one word for do and make, hence the confusion:

I have to make my homework
Don't be afraid of doing mistakes


Sounds familiar? Argh! the non-native English speakers amongst us can feel your pain. The good news is, you won’t be making any more mistakes like this because Ginger can now indentify and correct confusions of do and make:

I'll do all the arrangements --> I'll make all the arrangements
It won't make any harm to try it --> It won't do any harm to try it


This correction was released last week. It’s the first piece of our new “misused vocabulary” feature. Stay tuned for future additions, coming your way soon!

And finally, because it’s worth knowing –

do is used to express daily activities or jobs:

do the dishes
do homework
do the laundry


or for general activities:

what are you doing tonight?


make is often used to express the idea of construction or creation:

make dinner
make a dress

Adios for now –
Sharon & the Ginger team

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