Nov 16th 2011

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Bye Bye Auto Correct, Hello Madonna!

What do Madonna and your iPhone have in common? Both check spelling! The question is if both succeed…

Bye Bye Auto Correct?

If you or anyone you are in touch with has an iPhone, you’re probably familiar with the evil feature Apple calls Auto-Correct. Apple’s feature, meant to check spelling, doesn’t offer you several options when you make a mistake, but rather corrects it for you. This has created many embarrassing mistakes – some are hilarious, other spelling mistakes might have caused people their jobs or relationships.

Now it seems that Apple is trying to fix their spellchecking algorithm. Sonny Dickson, a ‘tech enthusiast’, found an unreleased feature hiding in the operating system’s code of the new iOS version, which he says can be switched on using a simple hack. He says this feature will enable users to select words from a list once the check spelling feature finds a mistake.

Will this help people communicate more accurately, or save us from awesome accidental mistakes?

Hello Madonna!

Madonna, who knows a thing or two about communication, spoke to Harper’s Bazaar this month and said she makes sure to proofread her daughter Lourdes’ blog. Madonna said she goes through the text and sometimes edits it to make it sound better.

Madonna and Lourdes have launched a fashion label called ‘Material Girl.’  The company blog has tips and advice for young girls, written by 15-year-old Lourdes. Although Lourdes loves fashion and style, her texts sometimes need to be proofread (well, whose doesn’t?) and Madonna makes sure to do that.

“I proofread her blogs and edit them and give her a hard time when I think she’s being a lazy writer,” Madonna says.

For those of you who are over 15 or would just rather not use your moms to proofread, you can always use Ginger. We may not sing so well, but we sure can proofread :)

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