Jun 30th 2014

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How do I enable cookies in Firefox?

For Ginger to work properly, cookies need to be enabled on your browser.

How to enable cookies on your Mozilla browser:

  1. Select the menu button New Fx Menu and click Options.

  2. Go to the Privacy panel.
  3. Set Firefox will: to Use custom settings for history.Custom History Fx21 Win7
  4. Select Accept cookies from sites to enable Cookies.Cookies Win Fx22
    • If you are troubleshooting problems with cookies, make sure Accept third party cookies is also not set to Never.
  5. Set the length of time you want to allow cookies to be stored:
    • Keep until: they expire: Each cookie will be removed when it reaches its expiration date, which is set by the site that sent the cookie.
    • Keep until: I close Firefox: The cookies that are stored on your computer will be removed when Firefox is closed.
    • Keep until: ask me every time: Displays an alert every time a website tries to send a cookie, and asks you whether or not you want to store it.
  6. Click on OK to close the Options window.

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