Nov 20th 2013

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Why do I keep getting a “server is busy”/”no internet connection” message even though I am connected to the internet?

It is possible that the problem occurred because an application on your computer is blocking Ginger from using your internet connection.
There are several reasons why this might happen:

  1. Windows Firewall – You need to add Ginger to the approved programs list. If you still can’t work with Ginger, this means that something else is still blocking you (perhaps an external Firewall).
  2. Anti-spyware or anti-virus programs – Programs such as Norton antivirus, ZoneAlarm, McCafee, AVG or AdAware might block Ginger software. Please check whether you have one of these or similar programs and change its settings to approve Ginger.
  3. Using a proxy connection – Ginger supports most ways of configuring proxy connections. We do not support configuring a proxy as an automatic script.

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