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Nov 13th 2014

Ginger Announces the Next Evolution of the Mobile Keyboard with the Launch of Never Before Seen Tools and Features for Android and iOS 8

 Today marks the beginning of an exciting time for Ginger: Today we launch Ginger Keyboard on Android and iOS, and with this launch we hope to introduce a new, better way to effectively communicate via your smartphone. In fact, we see Ginger Keyboard as the next evolution of the mobile keyboard, and we hope that you, our fans, will see it in the same light.

Ginger Keyboard is now available for free in the Play Store and App Store, offering a fun, productive keyboard that will help you to quickly write high-quality text in any application.

What’s all the excitement about? Ginger is upping the ante by adding sophisticated keyboard features unavailable anywhere else including:

* As you type proofing courtesy of the world’s #1 proofreader
* Instant access to a holistic writing app providing cutting-edge editing, paraphrasing, translations, contextual synonyms and definitions
* A comprehensive ‘Create your own theme’ feature that lets you design your own, unique keyboard and then share it


While we obviously deliver all of the standard features listed below, we truly believe that these productivity boosting features aren’t enough.

* Emoji
* Adaptive word prediction
* Stream (swipe-like input)
* Free, ready-made themes

We propose that a keyboard shouldn’t just help you input more text in less time, but also help you convey your message more accurately and effectively… so we’ve gone ahead and harnessed the power of our technologically advanced text analysis engine (already used by millions of desktop and browser users) to Ginger Keyboard.

One of Ginger Keyboard’s greatest advantages is that it is the only mobile keyboard that offers as-you-type proofing. This means that any spelling, grammatical or punctuation mistakes are instantly detected and corrected by Ginger. This prevents you from sending/posting/publishing any potentially problematic texts or typos and ensures that your text is of the highest caliber. We see this as a must-have feature for any keyboard and as the next evolution of the mobile keyboard experience.

Another major differentiator is that via our keyboard you have instant access to a powerful set of writing features that help you to better convey your intended message, everywhere you write.

How do we do it? Through the use of our patented NLP technology we’ve been able to develop a platform that analyzes your text to understand the message you’re trying to convey. This enables us to provide proofreading, paraphrasing and other critical writing tool results that help you convey your message more clearly and concisely, resulting in significantly more accurate communication.

Ginger Keyboard makes the writing experience more enjoyable by letting you add color and creativity to your keyboard. Dress your keyboard up with our wide selection of free, ready-made themes, or unleash the designer within you by building your very own unique theme from scratch through our ‘Build your own Theme’ feature.  You can also share your unique keyboard themes with the world.

We can go on and on about the advantages of our keyboard, but why waste time? Download it today and find out for yourselves.

Learn more about Ginger Keyboard for Android

Learn more about Ginger Keyboard for iOS



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Sep 18th 2014

The Apple open-garden party has just started and 3rd party keyboards are the guests of honor!

The Ginger keyboard tale

Once upon a time, the walled garden was the standard for all mobile phone users. A walled garden is a closed software ecosystem where the service provider has full control over the user experience and restricts access to non-approved applications and content. We all had to live by the value-added services provided by our mobile operators and that was pretty much it!

When Apple introduced the first iPhone back in June 2007, they chose to build it within the same walled garden concept. It matched their long lasting philosophy that was implemented across all of their products up until then and since. As long as you “live under the Apple roof” you will enjoy a superb, well-controlled user experience, but in return, you will have to oblige by the Apple rules and be exposed only to what Apple decided it wants you to be exposed to (after setting up the Apple-serving business model behind the scenes of course).

Apple’s competitors on the other hand, chose a totally different path (did anyone in the crowd mention Google?). The open source, “all are welcome” path. This approach obviously promised users a lot more freedom of choice, but it usually came with a price (at least in its initial stages) of a slightly bug-y user experience. And the two existed in parallel, each with its own fans.

Lately, we can see some cracks in the walls of the Apple garden. Is it a sign of a revolutionary change of approach? Is it because Apple started to realize that more and more people prefer their garden’s walls open? After all, not too long ago Android overtook iOS as the most popular operating system in the US (and the US was an iPhone country to begin with). Here are the most recent numbers I could find: According to the latest data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech (July 2014), Android now holds 61.9% of the U.S. market share and Apple only 32.5%. Internationally, Android is even stronger with 82.7% market share in China and 73.3% across Europe in countries including the UK, France, Germany Spain and Italy.

No matter the reason, the fact remains that with the announcement of iOS 8 and the iPhone 6, third party developers now have a lot more options than before.

One great example is the third party keyboards that Android users have been enjoying for years. This new world will now be opened to iPhone users as well. Let’s look at the Ginger keyboard app for example. Yes, it will give you the standard keyboard features such as word prediction and smart typing features. But, as the fruit of a company with patented linguistic algorithms, this keyboard also hides a full-fledged writing solution behind its keypads. Yes, all the writing tools that you can think of are at your fingertips with this tiny little keyboard on your iPhone (or iPad) screen. I assume by now that all of you iPhone users out there who are reading this have a small grin on your face… well, let’s make it even bigger shall we? Grammar checking, proofreading, immediate translation between more than 40 languages, contextual synonyms and suggested re-phrasing, text reader and more, are part of the offering.

Download Ginger Keyboard for iOS 8 in the AppStore.

Apple users are known to be on-the-individualistic-side, design freaks. So you can customize the look and feel of your keyboard, choosing from a set of pre-designed themes or designing your own theme from scratch, using it and sharing it with your friends and family so that they can enjoy your genius artsy spirit.

So if until now you were slightly bored with the iPhone writing experience, and embarrassed by your overlooked typos and grammar mistakes, while being very impressed by the writing skills of your friends and family who are Android users (SMS, emails, WhatsApp messages), you can now join the gang. Don’t forget to thank Apple for slightly opening the gates of their garden, and hope that in the next iOS version releases the gate will be opened even wider.


Feb 21st 2014

Ginger Page: A New Page in Communication

Hi Everyone!

Top of the morning, good afternoon and a bon evening to you all, wherever you may be!

Ginger Page for iOS, Windows, Chrome and Android is now available here. ***

It’s amazing to be writing my first blog post on my way to the Mobile World Conference (the most important mobile expo in the world) in Barcelona. I’m really excited, because I’ll finally be able to offer you a glimpse of our latest creation, Ginger Page.

At MWC we’ll be announcing Ginger Page, and with its announcement, we turn over a new page in English writing and communication.

A New Page in Communication


In an increasingly globalized world where entire continents work, communicate and write in English, your ambitions are oftentimes defined by your level of English proficiency. After years of helping millions of Ginger users across the world effectively communicate with each other, I’m excited to announce the dawn of a new era.

Drawing on a deep understanding of your writing challenges and needs, we have engineered an exceptionally smooth writing experience that lets you focus on your writing. We have made it our goal to help you reach your optimal level of writing.

Ginger Page is the must-have productivity app for writing and communicating in today’s globalized world. Powered by Ginger’s crowd-sourced contextually-aware Natural Language Processing engine for proofreading and paraphrasing, Ginger Page features an integrated set of smart tools for writing meaningful text that conveys the author’s desired message more effectively.

Ginger Page presents you with a cutting-edge writing experience that includes one tap grammar and spelling correction combined with advanced paraphrasing functionality, contextual synonyms, cross-language translation, word definitions, a text-to-speech reader and much more.

Here’s to a new way of writing!

Guy Melamed

Vice President, Products

Ginger Software