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May 2nd 2012

Word Wednesday

Today’s word is NARCISSISTIC.

Narcissistic: (adjective) Characteristic of those having an inflated idea of their own importance.

I guess everyone of us is narcissistic in our own special ways – though some ways are more annoying than others. It’s alright to worship love ourselves, but not excessively or to the point of being… narcissistic.

So I guess it’s perfectly acceptable to do this every now and then:

In the privacy of your own room, of course…

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May 2nd 2012

Pin Your Best! winner

Congratulations to Baba H of Pinterest for winning our Pin Your Best! contest!

Baba H will be receiving complimentary use of Ginger Premium as a well-deserved reward for winning the contest.

Check out the various pins by our contestants on Pinterest.

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May 1st 2012

Nomination for Best Web Tool

We have been nominated for the Best Web Tool category by Webhosting Search!

If awarded the honor of Best Web Tool by Web Hosting Search, Ginger will be listed on its website.

Web Hosting Search aims to bring transparency to web hosting by providing a comprehensive directory of web hosting companies. These companies are reviewed both by Web Hosting Search as well as the public.

Do check out Webhosting Search for more information!

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May 1st 2012

Apr 1st 2012

Pin Your Best!

Hi all!

We are now on Pinterest!

As part of our efforts to reach out to a wider audience through social media, we’ll be running a contest on Pinterest. Showcase your creativity by portraying Ginger through pictures and pin them on our open board. Pin as many images as you want. The best picture will win a complimentary use of Ginger Premium!

So join us now on Pinterest and show us what you’ve got. Here are 3 simple steps to begin pinning on our Pin Your Best! board:

With much pleasure,

Paul and The Ginger Team

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Mar 22nd 2012

Ginger Chrome Web Extension

Great news everyone!
Ginger is proud to publicly release a Chrome web extension today. In line with our efforts to improve Ginger’s product and services, the new Chrome extension allows Ginger to be used on emails and social media such as Facebook. Users of the Chrome web-browser are able to install the extension on any platform supported by Chrome (Mac, Win, Linux).

Download the extension from the Chrome Web Store

In addition, Safari and Firefox standalone extensions are currently in the works and will be released soon. For our loyal Mac users, these extensions move us one step towards integrating Ginger Software with the Mac.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new feature and help us spread the word to your family and friends!

With great pleasure,
The Ginger Team


Mar 21st 2012

Mention by The Wall Street Journal

Dear fans and friends,

Just to let you know that The Wall Street Journal has mentioned Ginger Software in one of its blog articles.

The article states that Ginger Software has raised $6.3 million from Vaizra Ventures and previous investors. In addition, it covers the news that we have welcome former Facebook executive, Net Jacobsson, as our new CEO.

Do read more about it on Wall Street Journal Blogs.

Looking forward to great stuff ahead!

Yours gingerly,

Paul and The Ginger Team

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Mar 13th 2012

Ginger Spelling Book

Good news everyone!

Ginger Spelling Book is now up and running. Kudos to everyone on the team who has put in their sweat and tears to see this through! This is another part of our massive effort to improve Ginger’s product and services, with our users always in mind.

Ginger Spelling Book provides you with two comprehensive, non-exhaustive lists of misspelled words and confusing words. This feature would be of great help to learners of English as a second language (ESL). Nonetheless, anyone who uses English would definitely find it helpful as well.

The index of words in the Confusing Words list captures the subtle differences between words that sound alike or have very similar spelling, but have vastly different meanings. Learning these differences would bring your English grammar skills up one whole notch. Similarly, the Misspelled Words list provides a comprehensive library of words that have tricky spelling.

So check out our new Spelling Book and help spread the word to your families and friends!

Yours gingerly,

Paul and The Ginger Team


Mar 5th 2012

Exciting times ahead!

Dear faithful fans and friends,

Ginger is proud to welcome Net Jacobsson as our new CEO. A former executive at Facebook and AOL, Jacobsson is also an entrepreneur and advisor of Open Feint, CrowdStar and Playhopper. Jacobsson brings his social gaming and international business development experience to our company as we look to expand our footprint overseas and capitalize on what we see as an underserved market.

We thank you for your continuous support even as we consolidate and re-position ourselves. Expect more from us as we all look forward to exciting times ahead! =)

Read more in Tech Crunch’s coverage:

Yours gingerly,

Paul and The Ginger Team


Feb 9th 2012

Ginger is FREE!

As we posted before, Ginger recently became available for FREE for all users. We’ve had some questions about that, so here’s the deal:

Ginger’s Free.