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May 9th 2012

Assistive Technology for Struggling Writers

Miki (Michal) Feldman-Simon, Ginger’s Vice President of U.S. Operations, will be speaking on how struggling writers can leverage on Ginger Software’s assistive technology.

Miki brings varied experience in entrepreneurship, education, and organization management to Ginger Software. She started her career working with underprivileged teenagers and their families and helping them prepare for military service in Israel. Miki went on to coordinate a student assistance program (Big Brother) that partnered underprivileged kids with volunteer university students. Following this, Miki served as National Sales Manager for an educational startup company, Geometrix, which created and marketed an innovative visual-thinking program for elementary school children.

She went on to establish a human-resources consulting company providing services for several successful Israeli startups including Agentics (later acquired by Mercado) and Demantra (later acquired by Oracle) and introduced Employee Assistance Programs services to the Israeli market through an alliance with an established Australian EAP provider.

Miki moved to Boston in 1998 and went on to head the Human Resources department of Phonetic Systems, which was later acquired by Nuance Inc. Miki has a B.A. in Psychology and Educational Counseling and an M.Sc. in Organizational Behavior (graduated Magna Cum Laude) from the Tel Aviv University. Miki’s passion is education and innovative educational programs.

Miki’s speech will be broadcast on 31 May 2012. You can sign up for the Live Broadcast here.


May 7th 2012

Manic Monday

Being politically-correct (P.C.) in our words and actions is a skilful art. We do it constantly at home with our loved ones, at work with our colleagues, and even with ourselves when we need some self-assurance (read this as ‘self-denial’).

While some might say it is just a little shy of lying, being p.c. actually involves more of twisting presenting the truth from a different angle.

Having said that, sometimes it’s better to call an apple “an apple”. :p

Have an awesome, manic Monday everyone!

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May 6th 2012

Ginger’s Chrome Web Extension

After about more than a month since we released Ginger Software as a Chrome Web extension, we have seen quite a number of early-adopters. Danny Stieben argues why one should adopt Ginger’s Chrome extension in his article “Get Improved Spelling & Grammar Corrections with Ginger [Chrome & Firefox]“.

He opens his case by highlighting the difference in prowess between a spell checker on Microsoft Word and a spell checker on a web browser. To quote him, “Life is great until you come to the browser. With it, you only get basic spell checking, and nothing else. This is a problem for those who rely on good spelling and grammar checking.”

His case for adopting Ginger’s web extension revolves around 2 main points:

1. Web browsers like Firefox currently use an open source spell checker, Hunspell, which is relatively basic compared to current market offerings.

2. While Chrome will eventually adopt Google’s new contextual-based spell checker, it will not be until a few more months.

For these couple of reasons, Stieben concludes that Ginger’s Chrome extension is worthwhile to download.

Do download and utilize Ginger’s web extension for better grammar & spell checking convenience on your web browser.


May 6th 2012

Savvy Sunday


I.e. is an abbreviation of a latin phrase that carries the meaning of “that is”. It is used to CLARIFY a statement, rather than for LISTING EXAMPLES.

I.e. should be used when you want to explain what you just said in a different way – a definition, metaphor, or clarification.

E.g. is used to list a finite number of examples. For example, “I love wearing swimwear that reveal much of my body, e.g., speedo trunks, briefs, and bikinis.”

Parentheses or Commas?

Writing them as (e.g. blah, blah) or ,e.g., blah, blah are both acceptable. Most style guides recommend that you use a comma after e.g., even with the full-stop present.


e.g. = examples

i.e. = clarification

This mini-article was referenced from The Oatmeal. Do check out their webpage for a more elaborate article on the proper usage of i.e. and e.g.

Have a Savvy Sunday! :)

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May 5th 2012

Ginger Nominated as Rising Star by CHINICT

Ginger has been nominated as a “Rising Star” by CHINICT, China’s largest conference on tech innovation and entrepreneurship. It will be held in Beijing for the 8th consecutive time on 24th and 25th May this year.

Ginger CEO, Netanel Jacobsson, will be speaking at the conference on invitation by Frank Nazikian, organizer of the event. This nomination will provide Ginger with immense exposure in the media, as well as a platform for networking with potential partners, customers, investors, R&D facilities and service providers.

Ginger Software is growing fast as a company and gaining serious traction on a global scale. TechCrunch will be running a live stream of the event so do catch it online!

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May 3rd 2012

T.G.I.F. (Truly, Ginger is free)

Here’s one of the more tricky words: kindergar__ (den/dan/ten/ton)?

Use Ginger Spell & Grammar Checker to find out which of these sentences is/are correct:

1. The world is a kind of kindergarden, where millions of children are trying to spell ‘God’ with the wrong blocks.

2. The world is a kind of kindergardan, where millions of children are trying to spell ‘God’ with the wrong blocks.

3. The world is a kind of kindergarten, where millions of children are trying to spell ‘God’ with the wrong blocks.

4. The world is a kind of kindergarton, where millions of children are trying to spell ‘God’ with the wrong blocks.

Take our poll on Ginger’s Facebook page to see how your spelling skills stack up against others!

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May 2nd 2012

May 2nd 2012

Word Wednesday

Today’s word is NARCISSISTIC.

Narcissistic: (adjective) Characteristic of those having an inflated idea of their own importance.

I guess everyone of us is narcissistic in our own special ways – though some ways are more annoying than others. It’s alright to worship love ourselves, but not excessively or to the point of being… narcissistic.

So I guess it’s perfectly acceptable to do this every now and then:

In the privacy of your own room, of course…

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May 2nd 2012

Pin Your Best! winner

Congratulations to Baba H of Pinterest for winning our Pin Your Best! contest!

Baba H will be receiving complimentary use of Ginger Premium as a well-deserved reward for winning the contest.

Check out the various pins by our contestants on Pinterest.

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May 1st 2012

Nomination for Best Web Tool

We have been nominated for the Best Web Tool category by Webhosting Search!

If awarded the honor of Best Web Tool by Web Hosting Search, Ginger will be listed on its website.

Web Hosting Search aims to bring transparency to web hosting by providing a comprehensive directory of web hosting companies. These companies are reviewed both by Web Hosting Search as well as the public.

Do check out Webhosting Search for more information!

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