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Aug 22nd 2011

Caution! Spelling mistakes ahead!

Sneaky spelling mistakes can hide in the most important places – not only in your emails, business docs, and personal notes, but also in surprising places at the side of the road.

There are several common types of mistakes we see a lot at Ginger:

  • Typos: accidentally switching between two consequent letters in a word, using letters that are close by on the keyboard, etc.
  • Repetition of letters or symbols: this is a very common mistake that is rather unique to typing (not very common when handwriting, I suspect…)
  • While the types of mistakes above are rather easy for a spell-checker to catch and fix, the third type is the trickiest. Those are homophones – words that sound the same, but have a different meaning. Doe and dough, flu and flew, wail and whale. Such words can be very wrong in the context they are used, but are still a legit word.  This is why it’s important to use a context-based spell checker, that not only checks that each word is correct, but makes sure you use it correctly within your entire sentence.

Holler at us if you come across any funny misspelled signs, and don’t forget to proofread!

Wishing you a great week,

Adva and the Ginger team.


Aug 11th 2011

What makes a word a word?

One of the challenges of developing a strong spell checker is creating a database of words that are considered correct; or rather the question of how we decide what word is a word?