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May 11th 2011

Let your visitors correct text directly on your site

Out now: Ginger’s shiny and new correction widget!

Yes, we’ve had our little online Ginger widget up and running on our website for a while now but we just gave it a boost and a face lift. Our brilliant art director, Shiraz, and her team, designed a much smarter interface to suit this cool little widget and it now looks like this:

But the better news is, you can get the Ginger online tool and add it to your own webpage for free. The widget uses Ginger’s spell checker and grammar checker and corrects entire sentences with a single click. If your page allows text input, like comments on blog posts, visitors to your page will be able to check and correct their texts with Ginger before posting them. We all know how embarrassing it can be to post text with mistakes on the web so we thought your visitors will find it pretty useful. Plus, if you like Ginger, this can help you tell the world what it’s missing and how to get it.

You can get the Ginger online tool code from our new Media Kit page. Shiraz let you pick a color of your choice for the graphics (there are four available colors). Just click on one of the colors and then on the Get Code button and copy and paste the code into your page. You should then have it up and running.

We’d love to get your feedback on this and in general about Ginger. You can tell us what you think here on the blog or on our Facebook page.

Adios for now –
Sharon & the Ginger team

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May 3rd 2011

Calling all beta lovers

All you Ginger users out there already know the famous Ginger drawer, F2 key and correction window. Behind the scenes, we have been working on creating a much lighter interface. Our goal was to develop a straightforward tool that will detect errors as you go, mark them in the text and allow accepting the corrections for individual words. In other words, we wanted our users to have an alternative minimal interface.

In the new interface, Ginger waits in the background and as the first error appears it alerts the user as well as marks the error in the text:

There are different markings for different correction types. Right-clicking on a word opens a light menu of suggested corrections that you can choose from:

The corrections haven’t changed. Everything that is corrected using F2 and the Ginger window is supported here too. We call it “the seamless” (scuze the name, it’s temporary) and are just about to release its beta version. We’re eager to see how our users (and users who never used Ginger in the past but use spelling and grammar checkers) like the new interface and we would love for you to give it a try. If you want to become a beta user for “the seamless” as well as future betas we release, send an email to and we will add you to our list.

Adios for now –

Sharon and the Ginger team