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Jan 6th 2010

Ginger, The New Year, & YOU!

How many times have you schemed up a New Year’s
Resolution?  If you are anything like me,
you probably come up with at least one each year. Now, the more important
question, how many years have you kept to your resolution?

Like you, I have heard them all. The crazy diets, the gym
memberships, the book a month you plan to read….let’s be honest the list goes
on and on.  Not to mention, some of these
resolutions can be very costly. Have all the previous year’s taken their toll and
you did not even bother to come up with one this year?

Well, what about a resolution that enabled you to learn, to
write better, and most of all, created self-confidence. I’ll be the first to
admit it sounds a bit like a gimmick you’d hear on an infomercial at 2AM. It’s
not!  All of these objectives are possibilities
that can occur by adopting Ginger into your life.

Whether you’re a high school student preparing for college
in the fall, or a cubicle resident like myself; Ginger is the only tool on the
market that can do all of the above and much more in one click.

Correcting spelling and grammar mistakes with unmatched
accuracy, Ginger will ensure that your written work is free of errors. Whether
it’s a tweet on Internet Explorer about the long line for a coffee, or an email
to your most cherished client, you can rest assured that with Ginger on your PC
your writing will improve.

It’s not too late to make superior writing your New Year’s

Try Ginger today, take advantage of our 20% New Year’s
, unless you would rather 400 sit ups at the gym?

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