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Apr 8th 2010

Conference Season Draws To An End

In November the Ginger Team prepared for a whirlwind 6 month tour of the United States with a quick hop over to the UK to cover all of the exciting conferences we had booked ourselves for. Speaking for trade show employees’ at large, attending conferences as a company is an immense undertaking. There is definitely more planning and coordination required than it may appear to the casual onlooker. With that said, there’s certainly not a more rewarding experience that an employee can take part in.

Working in sales, you’ll often hear that interacting with customers can be quite the experience, admittedly, good and bad. Customers have the unique ability to make your heart race and put a smile on your face at the same time. Though, it’s through customer interaction that sales people grow, and most importantly products improve.  Customer feedback is imperative to the growth of products, as well as for new developments. There is no better way to obtain this information than to go where the customers are.

Traveling to six large conferences has been a way to understand which customers are interested in specific Ginger features and what aspects of Ginger garner the most applause. This information is both very interesting and helps move the software forward in a way that will please the most customers and prospective customers. While traveling to the 2009 IDA conference, Ginger’s ability to decipher unusual spelling mistakes and correct multiple errors within a sentence was a major crowd pleaser, as most of the attendees worked with or were the parent of a child who has dyslexia or a similar learning disability.

While at the very large BETT show in London, Ginger Premium’s Text-To-Speech (TTS) ability was an absolute necessity for many of the English Language Learners attending the show, as it enabled users to hear the difference between their initial sentence which contained all of their errors and the corrected sentence. Ginger’s Text-To-Speech (TTS) feature is ideal for helping users learn pronunciation and key in deciding between the appropriate words when looking at Ginger’s alternative correction options. Ginger’s TTS was also highly coveted amongst the many low visions users who visited Ginger’s booth at the 2010 CSUN show.

I’d have to say when it comes to assistive technology, there are so many products on the market that it can be difficult to stand out from the pack. This becomes especially evident at large conferences. However, due to Ginger’s consistently accurate corrections of spelling errors and grammar mistakes  that those with learning difficulties often make, we soon become the buzz of the crowd.  Anyone specializing in teaching disabilities is happy to come and see a Ginger demonstration, and even happier when they learn about Ginger’s Frequent Error reports. These are reports that educators and AT Specialists can use to actually see which errors a student is making, and in turn, use them to guide their day to day instruction.

Over the past six months, the Ginger Team was able to demonstrate new features and improved corrections from show to show. While the conference schedule for Ginger Software slows down, with only one remaining trip to San Francisco for the PEN EdRev 2010 (Parents Education Network) show at AT&T Park on April 17th, 2010, the Ginger Team is already looking forward to another busy conference season in the fall.

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Apr 1st 2010

Presenting With Confidence

In today’s competitive education and business worlds the need for outstanding presentations has become a staple for both professionals and students. Whether it’s for a marketing update to the top clients or a presentation on The Great Gatsby in English class, the use of PowerPoint has become more prevalent than ever. Understanding the importance of flawless presentations, Ginger has just released a new software update enabling the correction of spelling, grammar, and misused words with MS-PowerPoint.

Shown below Ginger correcting within MS-PowerPoint.

Working with Ginger Software while using MS-PowerPoint is no different than other Ginger supported applications. Simply click F2 and watch as Ginger corrects your text in a single click! To see other screen images of Ginger Software working with other supported applications, like MS-Word, MS-Outlook, & Internet Explorer please visit the Ginger Software Facebook Page.

In the most recent software upgrade, Ginger launched an awaited new feature; the ability to edit text while in the Ginger toolbar. This new feature, shown below, allows users to make simple changes to their sentence such as pluralizing objects, as well as more advanced edits like continuing a sentence. To edit within the Ginger Toolbar simply click on the pencil highlighted below, adjacent to the approve button.

A fun fact about this new feature is that it was actually a customer suggestion our developers brought to life.  Remember that the Ginger Team is always eager to hear your suggestions to continuously improve upon the Ginger platform and developing solutions that fit your needs. To submit a new feature, please visit the Contact US page found on

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