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Dec 24th 2009

Ginger Software Now Can Provide You with Statistics & Reports

It has been very exciting to watch as
Ginger has evolved over the course of the past couple of months.  If you have not had a chance to look at Ginger,
I urge you to download the latest version from the Ginger
Software Website. One of the features which I am sure will garner a lot of
interest from teachers who are working with students with writing disabilities
is the ability to quickly generate a report of the types of grammar and
spelling errors that a student makes.

With Ginger Premium it is now possible to quickly generate a
report of the student’s spelling and grammar errors right from within the
application. For the home user, a parent can simply click on statistics and
reports within the Ginger menu as seen here. Ginger will automatically launch
your browser and generate a report.

At the school level, teachers will go to Ginger Software website and click School & Reports Login as seen below.

School Reports Login

Teachers have the capability to sort their Ginger users into
groups whether it’s by course, class period or even assistance level. Each
teacher using Ginger has the opportunity to create their own groups to best
utilize Ginger as they see fit, truly adding to Ginger’s versatility as a
learning platform.

Add a Group

Ginger’s reports allow the parent or teacher to generate a
report within a certain time frame, be it a week, month, or year, enabling them
to track the students’ progress over time.

Groups Report

Likewise, teachers can
drill down and look at the types of errors that students are making. In the report
below you will see that Ginger classifies errors as; Grammar and Misused or
Spelling. The report will tabulate the number of occurrences of the errors and
will also show you what the student wrote and the correction.

User Report

Armed with this type of data, teachers can begin to see
patterns in their students’ work and indentify their specific needs and chart
appropriate interventions. Educators will be delighted that they can collect
this type of information and have it available to them as they plan a student’s
educational program. For more information or to trial Ginger go to

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Dec 13th 2009

Happy Holidays from Ginger

Well, it’s that time of the year again. The malls are crowded, people are on edge and we all have the same thought on our minds. What to buy our loved ones this holiday season?  Choosing the right gift can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Sweaters as far as the eye can see! Knickknacks and gadgets coming out of the woodwork! Toys with hundreds of pieces and instruction manuals that rival a novel in length; all of which may be adored for a time and then placed aside eventually.

Imagine that you could give the gift of confident, error free writing. What if we told you, you could do it at half the cost!

Just in time for the holidays Ginger is announcing a 50% off sale on home user licenses. Visualize giving your son or daughter confidence that will make them feel better when they head out the door for school; knowing the report they are carrying is free of errors and misused words. Think of the joy that will continue year round as they work independently and their writing improves with the help of Ginger’s Frequent Error Reports. 

Not limited to those in the academic world, Ginger makes the perfect gift for the writer who could use a little assistance at the office. Just think, no more emails from the boss about a spelling error he noticed in your email to the client.  Truly, a joyful world!

Confident, error free writing at home, work or school, that’s what’s in this holiday season!

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Dec 1st 2009

Using Ginger in the Age of Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs and More

By Brian S.
Friedlander, Ph.D.

It has
really been exciting to see the development of Ginger over the past couple of weeks as new features have been
added. If you are using Ginger you will be glad to know that version 1.8 which has
just been released is packed with some really great features. The
new version includes:

  • Improved
    correction of spelling and misused words
  • Grammar
    correction (more grammar corrections to come in January 2010)
  • Increased
    response time.
  • A text-to-speech
    feature that reads text aloud before and after Ginger’s corrections
  • Easier to
    install and use
  • Works with
    Microsoft Word, Outlook and Internet Explorer (perfect for Gmail, Yahoo!
    Mail, Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • A reporting tool
    for tracking user mistakes and progress
  • Display settings
    that can be adjusted according to personal preferences
  • “Add to
    dictionary” feature

I have had a chance to work with the latest
version of Ginger and am really amazed at its performance and the text to
speech capabilities. Students will find the interface very simple and easy to
use as the natural sounding text to speech support can go a long way to support
students who may have difficulty reading the corrected sentence or suggested
words. Ginger is an ideal tool for students with dyslexia since it provides the
supports they need when proofing their written work. Being in the field of
assistive technology, I am certainly aware of the power of these tools and what
they can do to support students accessing the curriculum. But the other side of
the formula is the importance that a tool link Ginger can bring to empower
students to be independent and have the confidence to communicate in written

In the age of Facebook, Google Docs, and Twitter, students with writing disabilities are often
cut off from the rest of their friends, if they cannot write effectively. Many students
that I have worked with over the years are just too embarrassed to participate
in these online forums because they can’t spell or write well. With Ginger,
students can now have the confidence to be full participants

on the web as they share their ideas and communicate with their friends knowing
that their written work will be letter perfect. Having the text to speech
support for some students will go a long way to allow them to be independent
and get their ideas down as they see fit. Working with the latest version of
Ginger I marvel how versatile it is when using such services as Facebook,
Google Docs, Twitter or commenting on a blog.

The latest version of Ginger really opens the doors for
students with writing disabilities and provides them with a level of support
that will give them the confidence to share their ideas with the friends and
families over the web. If you have not tried Ginger please take the opportunity
to download the 14 day trial and give it a test
drive- you will be glad you did.