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Maoz Shacht


Maoz, who joined Ginger in 2013, is an accomplished high-tech executive with a proven track record of successfully leading companies into new domains and markets. As the CEO of the company, Maoz has his hand in everything from product planning to mobile and growth strategies. Since joining Ginger he has focused his efforts on cementing Ginger's position as a high-value, global product used daily by tens of millions of people to enhance their written communications.

Maoz came to Ginger from ooVoo, a top 100 App with over 90 million users, where he focused on building products and enabling fast growing service, eventually managed the company's entire Products and Technology groups. Prior to ooVoo he was the CTO at Coolvision, where he managed the company's product development, operations and R&D. Before that Maoz held a variety of senior positions at some of the world's preeminent companies.

Maoz holds an M.E. degree in systems engineering and B.Sc. degree in information systems engineering.

David (Dudu) Noy


Dudu is a seasoned marketing and interactive media expert, with over 20 years of experience in designing and marketing first class products for mass consumer communities. Dudu lives and breathes the pulse of the internet; there is nothing he loves more than finding innovative ways of growth-hacking Ginger’s various distribution channels, and spreading the word about Ginger’s revolutionary products which have already been downloaded by millions of users worldwide.

Dudu joined Ginger in January 2012 and from day-one has focused Ginger's mission on becoming a world-class freemium product company – to provide real value to Ginger's ever-growing free user community, while simultaneously generating revenue from premium users.

As a graduate of Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology from the Interdisciplinary Program for Outstanding Students at Tel Aviv University, Dudu takes a holistic view to marketing by always considering both the analytical and psychological aspects of things. He sees Ginger as a "magical machine, that algorithmically leverages the power of the internet to deliver a sensation of effortless confidence when writing English".

Before Ginger, Dudu led the product team at (>100M Monthly Users) and before that he led the product team at (>50M Monthly Users). Dudu also teaches Product Management and Interactive Media at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC), one of Israel's premier academic institutions.

Alex Ben-Ari

Vice President, R&D

Alex Ben-Ari has 13 years of experience in software engineering, architecture and management of software development processes. In his previous position, Alex managed the software development unit in Rosetta Genomics, where he led a large scale effort of developing and executing distributed machine learning algorithms on very large amounts of genomic data. Alex has a special passion and expertise in agile software development practices and processes and has successfully introduced and cultivated them in multiple development environments over the years.

Guy Melamed

Vice President, Products

Guy is a veteran digital media professional and a serial entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in the fields of business, product and design. Guy personifies his profession; a knack for integrating minimalist elegance with intuitive functionality enables him to coat Ginger's extremely complex, technologically-advanced products in a sleek, innovative design with an easy-to-grasp, smooth user-experience.

Guy joined Ginger to develop high-value, mass-consumer products, promote brand awareness and meet fast-changing market needs. His efforts have enabled a multi-platform, revolutionary product strategy that challenges accepted conventions in everything from usability and branding to user-experience and everything in between.

Before Ginger, Guy led the Product and Solution design at Time To Know, a high-tech start-up delivering breakthrough solutions for today's teacher-led digital classroom. Prior to joining Time To Know Guy advised international high-tech firms on innovation and products. Before that, he held positions in the film, television and arts industries including CEO of an arts & technology center (The Lab) and CEO of an award-winning cultural incubator. Over the course of his career Guy has been both in front of and behind the camera in numerous film and digital media projects.

Guy graduated from the University of Amsterdam with an MA in Communication Science & Film and is trilingual in Hebrew, Dutch and English. In his free time Guy likes to do extreme sports in exotic locations.

Yael Karov

Founder & CEO, Personal Assistant Platform

Yael Karov has an outstanding professional and academic record of almost 20 years in the field of natural language processing and machine learning, as well as a successful track record in the commercial launch of innovative products to the market. Prior to founding Ginger Software, Yael joined Rosetta Genomics [NASDAQ:ROSG] at its early stages, serving as Chief Technology Officer & Vice President Research and Development. She led the R&D team to achieve revolutionary scientific results in the domain of genetics, based on a breakthrough machine-learning model, and spearheaded a successful IPO. Prior to Rosetta Genomics, Mrs. Karov was the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Agentics, a company specializing in free-text classification of e-commerce product information based on natural language processing.

When Agentics was acquired by Mercado Software, Mrs. Karov subsequently led the sale of Agentics technology to Microsoft’s MSN division. Before founding Agentics, Mrs. Karov served as a Director of Research and Development at Click Software [NASDAQ:CKSW], where she founded and led the R&D team of Nester Technologies in the development of a product based on a solution to a combinatorial optimization research problem. She is the inventor and co-author of over 20 patents, and the author of numerous publications in leading computer science journals. Mrs. Karov holds a M.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Weizmann Institute of Science. In her free time, Yael enjoys writing fiction and reading poetry.

Micha Y. Breakstone

VP R&D, Personal Assistant Platform

Micha is a technology visionary and entrepreneur with strong roots in academia and broad experience in diverse aspects of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Generative Linguistics. Micha recently returned from two years at MIT, where he managed the Experimental Syntax and Semantics Lab as part of his ongoing PhD research. While at MIT he founded ExceLingo, a startup specializing in language instruction for mobile platforms. Prior to joining Ginger, Micha served as Chief Linguist at Digital Trowel – a text mining and data analytics company and before that as a software engineer at Intel. Micha received his Master's degree in Mathematics from the Hebrew University (Cum Laude) specializing in Algebraic Topology and received a BSc in Computer Sciences and Mathematics (Cum Laude) from the Hebrew University’s prestigious 'Amirim Teva' program for excelling students. Micha has published several well-received papers in both Theoretical and Computational Linguistics and is a recipient of the President’s Scholarship at the Hebrew University, where he is expected to complete his PhD in the near future. Micha is passionate about languages, computational linguistics and writing.

Ziv Isaiah


Ziv is a software architect, product strategist and entrepreneur with 15 years of industry experience in high-tech companies like ECI Telecom (NASDAQ:ECIL), Check Point (NASDAQ:CHKP), Cellglide and Imagine Communications. Prior to joining Ginger, Ziv served as a technology and strategy consultant for several startups and major software companies in the fields of communication, digital video and solar energy. Before that Ziv founded Spritecom, an advanced TV advertising platform, and BOXEE, an award-winning social media center which was acquired by Samsung. Ziv also co-founded iMingle, a live social interaction platform on Facebook that serves millions of internet consumers.

Ziv holds degrees in Electrical Engineering (BSc) and Physics (BSc) from Tel-Aviv University as part of its renowned Interdisciplinary Excellency program. In his free time Ziv loves to cook, bake and spend time with his family and friends.

Ginger's team is comprised of a close-knit group of smart, young internet visionaries. Each member brings his, or her, own unique skill set to the Ginger offices to help remove language barriers and improve communication throughout the world.

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