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    David D.

  • I really love Ginger - I've purchased their software and it's already helping me improve my English."

    Jenny V.

  • Ginger really works! I don't even send emails anymore without Ginger checking it first."

    Li M.

  • I've been waiting for a plugin like this for years. Love it, don't change a thing."

    Daniel B.


Learn the real meaning of the words that you use.

Text Reader

Listen to your written text read back to you.

Ginger Software is developing an array of products that enable mobile devices and computers to understand the intended meaning of natural (human) language input. Ginger Software products are based on an innovative Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform. NLP uses patent-pending technology to decipher the semantic and contextual meaning of text input by comparing it to billions of similar sentences from the Web.

Ginger Proofreader, the first product that was released based on the NLP platform, is a free spelling and grammarcheck; it is suitable for both native English speakers and speakers of English as a Second Language (ESL). Ginger Proofreader checks and corrects spellcheck, misused words and grammar mistakes in accordance with the context of the full sentence. Even when a word is spelled correctly, Ginger Proofreader checks its grammar usage to ensure it makes sense in the sentence and, if needed offers alternatives to the word.

Ginger Proofreader can also be used seamlessly in MS-Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, IE, Firefox and Chrome, enabling cross-platform users to correct their text with a single click. With the award-winning Ginger Proofreader, users can be confident that their emails and documents are using properly structured grammar and use proper spelling.

Ginger helps native English speakers, as well as ESL speakers, use and enhance their language skills. The Sentence Rephraser analyzes users' text and creates variations of the same sentence to enhance users' communication. Ginger’s Personal Trainer creates tailor-made lessons, based on analysis of users' own writing, to help those who wish to improve their English. Finally by using the Text Reader, users can hear what they wrote in a U.S. or U.K. accent as spoken in the voice of a male or female reader.

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